Poche Toilette 26

  1. This wonderful unisex bag is great for carrying around like for the city life or even 4 travel it seems great but wondering what others think. im picking it up fri at the soho location
  2. I think it's a great choice.

    What size is this? I have one of these in MCM and love it...and use it all the time. It's horrible what happens to these inside though...the inside starts to "peel" with time. Before you know it, the cream stuff is all over your stuff. Anyone had any such experiences?
  3. That is a FABULOUS LV item!!! Almost everyone I know (male and female) owns one! I should pick one up too!!!:idea::nuts:
  4. never heard of it peeling and its the largest of the collection the 26
  5. Can Anyone Who Has One Post Pics
  6. I have the 19 size and am crazy about it. I bought it to put makeup into but couldn't do it (I use mineral makeup and it seems to just GO everywhere). I keep my palm pilot, receipts, some spray perfume bottles, bottle of Tylenol and alergy meds, etc.

    Would love to get this larger size, too!
  7. It is reallllly nice in person, I loved it!
  8. i've got the larger Trousse Toilette 28 and i only use it for it's original purpose - a toiletry bag for travel. if you're going to use it as a clutch, you might as well get a proper clutch. one with a wrist strap. but that's just my opinion.

    as for the peeling, the waterproof Vuittonite lining does peel. but only under extreme conditions like heat or humidity. if you care for it properly, i doubt deterioration would be an issue.
  9. Although I like this one, I've always avoided it b/c it is so tall and skinny (I would use it as a makeup case) and when I put things in it as a test, I wound up digging for everything and it drove me crazy.
  10. Eww, gross! I have the smallest size that I tuck into my purse - it hasn't started peeling yet, I hope it doesn't since I've only had it for a year. :sad:
  11. Kinda risky carrying it around the city like that dont cha think. Easy target for snatch thefts, me thinks. Otherwise, it looks hot.
  12. it kinda really depends where you are i carry a damier geant and so do most other metros in the city its a piece of life for most of us but when i take the subway im like total careful even though i usually take cab the subway is more convienent
  13. I'm from NYC and I have 6 items in my collection (petit mono bucket, soufflot, epi speedy, partition, mini pochette w/strap, zipped compact wallet). I don't feel unsafe carrying any of them, especially my zipped compact wallet and petit bucket bag. People may look, but let them! LOL! I ride the subway everyday and really, I doubt anyone will harrass you. I've never been targeted, even though if it's after 8pm and I have LV on me, I'll take a cab, but you should be fine. There are enough people with real LV who ride the subway that you'll probably see more appreciative smiles than anything else. I've seen guys carrying Geant messenger bags, too, so I know what you're talking about.

    ENJOY! :wlae:
  14. íts nice biut I think its too bug to be used as a clutch. Maybe the smallers sizes, I must see them.
  15. This is one item you could have had on your 6000$ spending list :yes: