Poche Toilette 26 or the Pochette Plate

  1. Hey Guys need some advice on these two it items. I would be usuing the Poche Toilette 26 for little accessories for here and there and for travel but than i saw the Pochette Plate in Antigua and im kinda stuck between the two.:shrugs:
  2. I was going to get the toilette 26 in Damier because it is something different and I can use it for tons of things and then I saw the Antigua just like you and I like the GM in Blue and for the price difference if they are close to the same size I would go for Antigua because I like the plaque on it

    hope it helps...
  3. [​IMG]the toilette and the[​IMG]
  4. thanks the damier is pretty limited i think their flagship store on 5th ave has one i did like it though
  5. The Toilette 26 is 10" L x 9" H x 2" W the Plate GM is 10.2"L x 7.8"H

    $60 price difference... almost the same size...
  6. why don´t u go for the new plate denim? or the perfo, both are soo cute!
  7. thats more handbagish
  8. I would go for the Antigua, mainly because I think there are cuter monogram pouches than the poche toilette (for example the poche cosmetique).
  9. whats good is u can carry it around
  10. i have the antigua plate gm in brun havane and i love it because it is so practical. I also like the small pieces of vachetta and the gold plaque with engraved pins. sometimes i use it with my wapity strap so i can use it as a wristlet.
  11. hey everlong, how do you do that?
  12. Pochette Toilette 26. It's more practical and it's a toiletry bag afterall. No worries of spilling and etc., since you can clean the interior anyway.
  13. there is a d ring that hangs off of the exterior tab and i just clasp my wapity strap and voila!
  14. The antigua one is more unisex than the pochette. I'm planning on getting the antigua one in brown cause I think the plaque is hot and i'm going to use it for my traveling documents. Hope that helps!

    PS- I'm planning on picking it up tomorrow! Hope they have it!