Poche Toilette 26 Can anyone comment?

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  1. hi
    Anyone have this? I really think it is cute and i am thinking of getting it but I have not seen it in real life. Any comments would be great! Thanks!!
  2. I had one and sold it as it was too big for me.
  3. Beautiful as a flat clutch... You can't hold very much in it since it's so soft. I have the little 15cm....:shrugs:
  4. I love it! I use it mainly for travel and occasionally for a cluch. Princess Diana used hers as a clutch all thr time ;)
  5. ^ great info!! Do you happen to have a pic of her using it as a clutch? TIA:smile:
  6. I have the 15 to carry around emergency stuff like spare contacts, medication...

    BTW, I'm a dude...
  7. I saw a woman carry it as a clutch yesterday in the city...it was very classy on her!
  8. I think that I might have to get this.....:smile:
  9. I have one and it is wonderful. I only use mine for my favorite cosmetics (I've never been tempted to use it as a clutch since I would find it a little large for that purpose--Princess Di was tall). It is the perfect compliment for a keepall for travelling.