Poche Documents as Clutch??


Aug 22, 2008
Los Angeles
So I currently, own a few Louis Vuitton messenger bags, as well as sac bosphore. So I would like my next purchase, to sly away from the whole bag scene.

So I was looking at some radon pictures of clutches, as well as things I could simply hold rather than wear around the arm, or carry.

So I saw that many fellow TPF'ers use the LV Pochette toilette 26, as well as the pochette orsay, as a type of clutch.

But I recently saw this picture , and thats when I saw What I believe is the Poche Documents.

so this is What I would basically Carry inside ,
-car Keys
-Zippy organizer
...And some other knick-knaacks.

Would all these items fit in here, for those of you who have seen it or own one... and would these items inside of it make it look super clunky/chunky.. or would all the things simply sink down.. making it look horrid...

Any help, or advice...pros/cons. would be greatly welcomed.. Thank you so much. :yes:


~Boy Addicted to LV~
Sep 3, 2007
tPF @ Louis Vuitton
Hmm... I've always wondered this too! I would get one in a heartbeat if you could use it as a clutch. I love that picture!

P.S. I have seen one before at the boutique and I don't think that sunglasses would fit in it as it doesn't open that wide.


Mar 14, 2006
from the photo, it looks like shades could possibily fit this poche.
Personally, I LOVE it. a great functional statement piece. :smile:


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
Who's picture is that ?! Sooo cute !

And yes, I've been thinking about this for a while actually ! And the best part, there is no vachetta to worry about !


hubba hubba ;)
Sep 23, 2006
NYC metro-area
I like that idea, though I am concerned you'll be carrying this thing around with you and be tired of it.
I mean, isn't it really the same kind of idea as a sac bosphore without the strap? which you already own?
Is the poche documents cushioned well to protect your iPhone etc?
hmmmm, I am wondering what else might be good.
If I think of something , will post. . . . maybe even something vintage/unique.

PS: in that pic, the scarf that model is wearing is gorgeous! Is it LV? probably, so now I am interested in the scarf!
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Aug 22, 2008
Los Angeles
Awesome thanks ladies and gents,
The only thing that preoccupies me is the thought, of it just be tiring to hold..
kinda like when all the "cool kids" hold their binders.books..just to look cool..
But in the long wrong they have like a mild form of arthritis or something.

Also, /if i were to walk into an interview with this, how would the one give me the interview see me as...
-makes a unnecessary purchase
-I might not need the job, since i own a Vuitton piece.
(has happened before)
But One thing that i do love is how, large it is as well as how that random guy simply holds it.
sorry, I dont know who the guy is in the picture, But I be we all could look better..or just as good as he does.

So once again thanks, if you have any other info on this item i would greatly appreciate it thanks :smile:


Jan 13, 2007
I think all your items might be a big mess inside the PD with nothing to hold them in place... i'd be worried about the keys scratching the phone and sunglasses... unless you arrange everything nicely along the bottom and dont tilt it too much when walking around :smile:
May 10, 2009
Just purchased mine and use it as a clutch/school bag! Very functional and I receive tons of compliments on it as you dont see many very often! It can fit a fair amount in it, the only problem is keeping it organized so everything doesnt just fall to the bottom and look disheveled


Aug 22, 2006
eminere™;7783683 said:
That's a great photo! I was gonna get a Poche Toilette 26 to use exactly as a clutch, but after seeing this... :graucho:
- I love that document clutch! It would look great.

To eminare - what about the Pochette Orsay? It is a smidge smaller than the 26 poche tolette, but it has an inside pocket, and outside pocket and a removable wrist strap. I think that would look very cool on a guy (I have one myself- of course haven't used it yet (bought it pre-loved)

I tried to copt and paste the Orsay page, not sure it will work.

Nope, didn't work - go to LV site and search Orsay if you are intrigued.