poch plate or clothing???

  1. I know it sounds weird but I was waiting for my bday (tomorrow, happy independence day haha!!) to buy myself a perfo cles or plate. I was yesterday at LV so I made up my mind and I decide de plate against the cles. The thing is:

    My parents wont buy me no more LV at least til xmas... in fact its my dad because my mom dont want me to use that "beautiful expensive but dangerous stuff" as she calls my LV obsession... so I´ve got money for the plate but my momo is making me regret and buying clothes instead, waht would you do? I love Girbaud and Diesel clothing and this days are very atractive discounts at the stores... so my mummy says:
    The clutch is nice but you need more the cloting" Shés right I need more the clothing that the plate but its a limited edition so I dont know what to buy, this two thing are the only ones that cought my eye from LV this times, so what would you buy?

    I really need your opinions, thanks!!
  2. Go for the LV!
  3. Hmmm... I would go with buying something I would use and need right now... in my case, I have all of the clothes I need for now... so I would go with a GREEN Pochette Plate... :biggrin: I fell in love with it when I bought my MC iPod case... :biggrin:
  4. I would do the plate, it is limited and clothes always go on sale, LV does not, I mean you could try to get one on ebay when the season is over?
  5. LV all the way! Personally I don't mind wearing rags, so I don't care much bout clothes, I JUST NEED MY BAGS! HAHAHA :biggrin:
  6. Get the plate, you can always catch a good sell...and who doesn't love a good sale!
  7. I'd put away the money for now - there might be stuff later that catches your eyes and maybe your parents will be less against LV by then ! There's lots of awesome stuff coming out, Azur, Groom, Mirior
  8. I would go for the LV!

  9. I am with you..I don't spend much on clothes.

    Clothes are always go on sale but not LV especially limited edition piece
  10. I agree--go LV. It will hold it's value.
    Once you wear your clothes for awhile, most clothes will be worth almost nothing. ;)
  11. Im going through that SAME problem!. In the end of the summer I will have a good amount of money ( summer paycheck & bday money). I can get myself a epi mandarin speedy,and a couple of outfits.The thing is that Im going off to college next year,and I feel guilty for spending my money while I should save it!.Also Im going to Europe next summer,and im going to get my graduation presents at the Paris flag ship store:girlsigh:. Do whatever seems good to you!..LV is a better value though!
  12. So true! I'd definitely go for the LV. It will hold its value and unlike clothes, won't go on sale.
  13. i would proabably go for the lv because i almost always choose accessories over clothing unless my stuff is in complete tatters. however, it's not worth disobeying your parents and having that make your life harder. so i'm with ayla...save it until they are less anti-lv.
  14. I´m thinking about saving, but the more I think about the clutch the more I want it, but the more I look at my wardrobe, the more I want to buy clothes! In fact I would think as CEC.LV4eva but my mom says
    "you are using a very expensive bag but your clothes make anyone cry..." so... Maybe I´ll wait for the damier azur line... well I´ve got three options if I save the money 4 later:
    -leave the deposit for the damier wapity if its posible to be done
    -wait for the release of the damier azur
    -keep saving for xmas and buy sth bigger...
  15. Go for LV, I think it is a better investment.