PO is closed tomorrow...2 legacy bags HOSTAGE!!!

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  1. My postal carrier ALWAYS leaves my packages on my porch, even when there is signature conf on them!! They always check the "signature waived" box and toss it on my stoop!
    ^^^ I'm NOT a fan of this, but this time I made arrangments and it BACK FIRED!!!

    I knew for 110% certain that I had a VERY COVETED legacy bag that was being shipped with SC and ins coming on Sat. I knew from previous experience that they'd just leave it on the porch and hubby and I were going to be gone for an ALL DAY bike ride. I went over and asked my neighbor if he'd go over to my house after the mail ran and get the package off of my porch to which he agreed.

    So, I come home Sat. night at 10pm and run straight for the front porch...nothing...then to the mailbox and find THE LITTLE PINK SLIP that the PO has my package. Hey, A-OK with me as it's MUCH better then having it stolen as has happened once in the past.

    Then I look at the date I can pick it up, wait why not til' Tuesday...OH CRAP it's Columbus Day on Monday!! ARGH!!!!

    Now I've found out that they not only have the one highly coveted legacy bag being held hostage BUT ALSO MY 2nd highly coveted legacy bag, and I've gotta sit on my hands ALL day today AND TOMORROW!!!!

    This is worse then the night before Christmas the year I was SURE that Santa had scored me the sold out Cabbage Patch doll I wanted!!!! LMAO

    Anyone else's goodies being "held hostage" for the holiday???

    You are all up for one MASSIVE (IMO) reveal on Tuesday night!!!!
  2. omg
    i have a bag stuck in customs and now the post office is closed tomorrow? i thought maybe they would release it and deliver it tuesday but with the PO closed tomorrow it maybe longer then that =(
  3. My gf can't ship out my new baby because, well... it's the holidays! :lol: So I guess I will have to wait longer now. Eek.
  4. Bwhaha . . . cracking up over the Cabbage Patch analogy! I remember those days!

    Hope today passes QUICKLY! I'm so excited for you! Legacy rocks! Can't wait for the reveal!
  5. My fob has been missing since the 5th. Well, not missing, but that's when the PO finally retrieved it from my old address because even though the forward was in place, they still delivered it to the wrong address. The PO worker said it should be delivered by Wed or Thurs (of LAST week) but still nothing. I just should have picked it up from the depot, but figured how long can it take to get 10 miles? ARGH
  6. Well mine is not as nice as yours, I am sure, but Yes they are holding my package hostiage and I did not realize it until you just reminded me ...LOL...
  7. Man! I forgot about Columbus Day today! That means my new Coach wallet won't get here until Wednesday at least!! :sad:
  8. I assume FedEx has the same holiday closing so it looks like my wallet and carryall won't be here till Tues or Wed instead of Monday or Tuesday like I was told.

    Also, I wanted to place an order with my discount, but was told I had to do so with Customer Service and they are closed today so I can't place the order till tomorrow. I have to chance that the bag I want will be sold out by tomorrow :sad:
  9. Nah, they don't observe the same federal days as the PO but Fed Ex Home doesn't deliver on Mondays anyways, it's Tues-Sat.
  10. If I were your seller, I would be a bit ticked if the post office is not getting the scanned signature as requested. It costs the seller money to use it. It is a post office violation for the carrier to waive the signature.

    And for FexEx, some types of signatures require a direct signature, not one on file (same for UPS).
  11. I have a legacy bag held hostage at PO today.
  12. ^^^^ Gaaaahhhhh, there is a TON of us waiting for our goodies!!! I knew there was NO WAY I was alone! I usually get all the holidays off...Colimbus day is the only one we don't!!! If we're working the POST OFFICE should be working!!!
    bwa ha ha ha ha
  13. What bags are you waiting on?
  14. It was close but mine came late on Saturday. I feel for you.

    I got my XL Teal Ergo tote in "like new" condition. The seller had only used it once!
  15. Well my flats aren't going to be shipped until tomorrow - bummer!