PNY White Travel Bag

  1. What do you consider a resonable price for a preowned, never used PNY travel bag? Has everything but the box. The Authen. Card matches the hologram. It retails for $4350+tax. The bag is in mint condition. I am just not sure what a good price would be. Any thoughts?
  2. Have you checked eBay to see if they have sold any lately?
  3. IN mint, as if it's never been used . . .
    let me preface by saying I'm weird about re-sells, I won't buy them so my idea of a good deal is WAY skewed! LOL!
    $3900 w/ shipping and I'd still post it in Authenticate This! just to be sure!
  4. I saw a post in the reference forum on the bag by Thmpkn (I think?) she had a link to I went there and a black was was listed but had sold under it. So I have no idea who much it sold for.
  5. I know Amanda, I don't ever buy pre-owned either. This looks like a really nice bag. I will try to figure out how to post it in Authenticate This!
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