PNY off white or Fendi Spy?

  1. I was never fond of the Spy bags until today I tried one on and really liked it.
    Now I also tried on the off white PNY vintage square and I also love. Or the 3rd choice is the large size re-issue also in offwhite

    The two are almost exactly the same price. I like more classic items so do you guys think Fendi is not that suitable for me?

    Plus which one would I be able to wear with everything? From track suits to jeans to mini skirts? lol

    pictures are borrowed from the Fendi site and from Goldenxs5 (I hope thats okay with you Golden I cant find any other pictures that are handy)

  2. I like the reissue the best. If you want something classic that's the one!
  3. If you want one to wear with everything, go with the Chanel. I have the hologram, it is one my most cherished bags. There is just something about it, photos don't do it justice. People will notice a Hologram Spy.
  4. I've never been a Spy fan. . . sorry. I'd go w/ the PNY personally!
  5. Rose : of the 3 I like the reissue the least but still love; however your right its classic and I think a couple years down the road when I want to sell my bag I personally think the reissue will retain the highest value- do you think?

    fendigal : yup the bag is stunning, it is a tiny bit too big for me (but since oversize bags are in...thats not my major concern) but isnt the gold/metallic one from last year? and its still the same price as brand new 06/07 Chanel... argh

    Swanky: k so I think im leaning toward Chanel too but reissue or PNY? their both pretty roomy ... and I am getting it tomorrow so i need your opinions quickly please everyone :smile:

    Thanks a ton
  6. Yorelica, if it is the same bag i have then i'd say go for it in white - it was toooooo beautiful! It is also a classic shape for chanel and looks good with casual wear.
  7. [​IMG]

    I've included the reissue (note the one I want is offwhite not grey)
    And Im confused if the 2.55 reissue is only issued in 2005 why are they making more reissues this year? Are they different?
  8. oh sorry, did u mean the bag in the picture?
  9. I prefer the PNY because I like a roomy bag. The reissues aren't really roomy. . . also, I don't like the extra step getting in that comes w/ a flap or buckle.
    I like to be able to jam my hand into the bag w/o any obstacles! LOL!
  10. Yup the grey vintage one or the grey reissue (sorry guys I cant find pictures for the off white ones so i used grey examples)
  11. I know what you mean I feel the same way - opening buckles, flipping it over hehe... But then I was thinking of the value of reselling my bag and I think the Vintage PNY vs Reissue is a very big difference a couple years down the road - do you not think? (i really favour the PNY too but I dont want something that going to completely loose its value one season later)
  12. I think it depends on whether you're looking for an investment piece like the reissue that will go with anything/everything and retain its value versus a fun handbag with dazzle that may not be good for reselling (unless you stash it in the closet until it's retro). If you have plenty of fun bags, but nothing timeless and forever, then I'd say get the reissue. If you have a lot of classic bags that never go out of style, I'd say get a fun bag.

    Between the P*NY in the photo and the hologram Spy, I like the Spy better--but that's a personal opinion. At this point, if I got a chance to buy a highly sought-after style of Spy, I might as well jump on it. I love my Chanels, but I also love my Spy bag.
  13. If I really love something I have to give that more weight than it's resell value. If I'm on the fence, like between 2 bags, I'd go w/ the one w/ better re-sell.
    Chanel doesn't have many trendy bags, I don't think the PNY ligne is going to have crappy resell personally, so I'd still choose it.
  14. The PNY is hot. I'm starting to like the Spy, but if I had to choose, it's Chanel all the way.
  15. With that said all my bags are classics lol. I consider my cambon the least classic of my chanels. I love classics but I guess something fun doesnt hurt. Almost made up my mind :smile: