PNY Long Wallet and Caviar Long Wallet-they are here

  1. With Swanky and Smooth's help and much coaching from Jill, I ordered these two wallets, but one has to go. Before I tape up the box and send it back, I need feedback from my compadres.

    First the Caviar:
    Caviar front.jpg Caviar back.jpg Caviar inside1.jpg Price Caviar.jpg Caviar inside.jpg
  2. ooh..more pics!LOL!
  3. And, here is the PNY that is just like Swanky's. :love: Even thought I have many designer bags, this is my first major purchase of a brand new item. Everything else has been used. This wallet will be very useful and will be used for many years to come.

    Thanks in advance to all your feedback. (I hope I get some). And thanks Monica, Amanda, Jill and Helena. :love:
    PNY back.jpg PNY inside.jpg PNY price.jpg
  4. I knew you'd be here first. You wouldn't even let me PM you. :nuts:
  5. ROFL....OK.In all honesty..I like the second one best...However I think Caviar will withhold more of a beating
  6. How fragile is the PNY's leather?
  7. I think they are both great but I have heard caviar withstands more stress
  8. I love the PNY wallet. I have the darkwhite one I use everyday since June '06. As you know now I also have it in darkgold and just LOVE them both.

    The PNY wallet will withstand lots of abuse as well.:yes:
  9. Not at all fragile. Very durable.:yes:
  10. These two photos are bad but they are the inside of the Caviar -- that's a zipper. I think I was shaking so hard afraid PHH might come home and surprise me.
    blurry 1.jpg blurry 2.jpg
  11. The inside is different for both right?
    I am leaning toward the 2nd one overall, but I like the double c's and the pocket on the back of the 1st one.
  12. I also have the PNY black long wallet like yours (and Swanky's) and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it:love: :love: !! Unless I have to carry a small bag it's the only wallet I use (and I use it as a clutch for quick errands, too, as it can fit my Razr phone along with bills and coins and still zip shut very nicely;) ):yes:. I think the distressed leather makes it very durable;) .

  13. I like the first one!
    I am thinking of getting that one also ... saw it in caviar and lambskin and can't decide yet ...
  14. I do the same thing Amy.:yes:
  15. wow..Itll fit a razor???NOW I want one!LOL!...