PNY Doctor's Bag

  1. The Doctor's Bag is growing on me, particularly after seeing an ad for it in today's New York Times. I have seen pics of the Black version (including Kaka's on page 25 of this thread ). Does anybody have any pics to post of the other colors? Or any more details/opinions/thoughts on the bag? Much appreciated :heart:
  2. I have it in burgundy. I will take a pic tonight and attempt to post it.
  3. ^^^Oh please! That would be great tlprmn. We can help you with the posting if you need it...
  4. I will take pics within the next two hours. I may need help putting them up. :nuts:
  5. PM me if you need help. I'll give you my e-mail addy and I can stick them up for ya!
  6. Swanky, since you are really an expert, what do you think of this PNY doctor bag? Have you seen it IRL? How much is it? I've also seen an ad for a much larger doctor-type Chanel bag that just came out. Same shape and same short handles, I think; just bigger and deeper. Any info. anybody?
  7. I don't carry handbags at all personally, only shoulder. . .
    but I love this bag. I LOVE the stitching and I love the 'distressed' leather!
    I haven't seen it in person. . . although I wouldn't have noticed it because I don't pay attention to them unless I can get them on my shoulder! LOL! So I have no idea about the price or any other details, sorry!

    I did pre-order the Grand Shopping Tote in this leather and I LOVE that, but I passed on it yesterday because I REALLY want the Vintage Ligne Tote.
  8. I think that's what draws me to it as well. It's really different, "hipper" than most of my other more-classic Chanel bags. Thanks.
  9. Here is a picture of the PNY Doctors Bag in Burgundy. It was $1795. There is a larger size that is $1995, but it was way too big for me. This bag is much more beautiful in person.
  10. it's SO gorgeous!!!:yes:
  11. WOW WOW WOW! That is really stunning. You are one lucky lady tlprmn! Thanks for posting the pic! :smile:
  12. You're very welcome! It really is a lovely bag.
  13. That's a gorgeous bag. Congrats.:yes:
  14. The burgandy is beautiful - i saw dark brown, black and a rusty brown ...and white. All were gorgeous. Congrats tlprmn on your bag!
  15. WOW! that bag is beeaaaaauuutiful! congratS!