PNY black expandable or GST?

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  1. I already have black caviar gst with gold hardware. I just found a black PNY expandable flap (with silver hardware) and it's on its way to me. :yahoo:

    Do you think two BIG black chanel bags is too much? Should I sell one? If so, which one do you think I should hold on to?
  2. I don't think having two large black bags is too much. But if you do decide to sell one, I would go with the GST. I love the PNY expandable. :tup:
  3. they're completely different so IMO, 2 black bags isn't a problem.
  4. I love black bags, so 2 won't be too much IMO.
  5. i have 3 black chanel caviar bags in diff styles and to think im not much of a black person :smile:
  6. okay. thanks for all the great advice, ladies!
  7. Keep them both! they're both great bags and so different!!! congrats on the PNY expandable btw, i really love the PNY range!!!!!!!!!
  8. Oh, if I could only own two chanels. Congrats and enjoy both!
  9. LOL....I have MANY black Chanels..I use them for different occasions....They are all different to me.CONGRATS on the PNY bag..I adore that one!
  10. I would keep both, they are both so different! You are so lucky to have found the PNY Expandable flap, I am so jealous!!! Where did you find it? I pmed you!!! Congrats on finding such a rare bag!
  11. Definitely keep both, you will get a lot of use out of each and they are beautiful.:heart:H
  12. i would definitly keep both!
  13. no question - both :smile:
  14. The more the merrier!
  15. keep 'em both! Very different black bags! but if you must sell, I would sell the GST -- it will always be around.