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  1. :smile::sad::hysteric::cursing: :smile::sad::hysteric::cursing:

    That pretty much sums up my PMS symptoms lately and the moods I go through. I can't take it anymore! I'm an angel one minute and satan's ***** the next! I also end up losing sleep. Is there anything I can do? I exercise regularly and try to watch what I eat altho I've been notorious with sweets lately. I'm sure that's not helping.

    Blech! Hormones!
  2. I've been on the same wagon lately. This month has been especially bad, and I can feel my husband has just about tolerated all he can, too.
  3. oh, i totally understand. and i can never seem to "fix" it- i just stay away from people. though i do notice i'm a bit *****ier when i'm cramping- so god bless the fine people at midol.
  4. i there is a severe PMS condition. i don't remember what it's called but it's worth talking to your GP or OBGYN about it.

    i just easily upset, emotional and grouchy and crampy as well. i take lots of advil and try not to speak unless i need to =P i also try to get in alot of sleep coss being sleep deprived makes me crankier!!

    watch the sweets coss with the sugar high/low you can feel really irritable. have you tried lavender or cammomile tea? it's suppose to be helpful

    the harder part is controling myself before i say something. takes alot of effort but it does work over time. hang in there!
  5. evening primrose or starflower oil (starflower is stronger) & vit B6 can help by balancing hormones and working on nerves. You can not take Evening primrose or starflower if you have epilepsy and if you take ANY medication speak to your doctor first
  6. If you take birth control pills, there's a new one (well, maybe not so new) on the market called Yaz. It has stuff in it to help PMS and I think even a diuretic to keep the water retention down. Talk to your OB about it. You can also look it up on their product web site. I'm considering it because my periods are so heavy and the extra benefit for moods is definitely a plus.
  7. The term for severe PMS is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD. I know this b/c I suffer from it. It began after I had my twins. I would want to isolate and was VERY depressed (bordering on suicidal) and beyond *****y, and sleepless for anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks before my period. After suffering for a long time I mapped out my symptons for months w/ my gyno. I have to be on antidepressants for the 2 weeks before my period and then drop the dosage down for the first 2 weeks of my cycle when I'm fine. It truly has saved my life and I have been so much better for years.
    No amount of exercise or diet had helped me. I have always worked out religiously. this is what worked for me and believe me I fought taking any medication for several horrible years. It has saved the quality of my life, quite frankly.
  8. B6 vitamin helps! Also steer clear of starch and salt and alcohol when pms´ing.
  9. I had to take sarafem one week before period. Maybe I didn't take it long enough because to me it only postpond the PMDD. I would get it all a week later. But it might work for you. I would get the same way, very depressed and just sleep a lot. Later, I got very angry, almost violent. I guess I'm going thru menopause because I skip now and feel fine. It's really hard though I understand completely.