PMS - raging cravings!

  1. My period is coming, and I am in a raging *****y mood :yucky: I have also tried to quell both the sweet and salty cravings I've had today, but no luck - deep fried Oreos, anyone?

    I attacked the mixed nuts and kalamata olives when I was craving something salty. I munched on crackers and peanut butter while cooking dinner. I dug into a box of Optimum Slim crunchy cereal, then fixed myself some Kashi Go Lean blueberry waffles with sugar free syrup.

    I could now go for a dozen cupcakes and a tub of frosting :shame:

    Anyone else deal with rabid cravings during their time of the month? I am restraining myself from wolfing down my entire pantry!

    Just looking for some food sympathy :push:
  2. girl thats how i am.
    I got my period the other today and today my sil asks me if i have my period and i was like yes, why??? and she goes cuz u've been acting *****y for the past few days hahaha.

    I've been pigging out like crazy too.
  3. i just has some oreo thinsations they were pretty good
  4. I'm all about the carne asada burrito when i'm pms'ing...:drool:
  5. Chritina Im right there with you sister...Im miserable right...eating too muc, emotional and jsut a PMS mess. YUCK
  6. mmm salty stuff and sweets like brownies, ice cream and cupcakes.
  7. Cristina... this will make us meeting up bad. I am the EXACT same right now- it is awful. I eat as if it is going out of style :rolleyes:
  8. I get mine next week and i always get the cravings the week before....I just want some huge green olives right now...weird
  9. Haha!!! Me too!!! Everyone ALWAYS knows when it's my time of the
  10. Oh my I am pmsing so bad. Just today I had my leftovers from yesterday's dinner out for breakfast at 8am (Gnochi pasta and cream sauce-very rich and it was a big portion!) , then I had a handisnack cheese and crackers. I thought I was going to be fine, but then for lunch I ate my boyfriend's leftovers (Chicken Picatta, pasta and vegetables). I was STILL hungry so I had another handisnack cheese and crackers, then an apple. Then several hours later for dinner I was feeling guilty so I said I would just have chicken noodle soup to make up for my binge eating. Just an hour ago I had a cinnamon bagel with cream cheese, another handisnack, one of those 100 calorie cupcakes, and I am STILL starving!!!! This is so ridcioulous!!! I wish I lived in vegas and could have access to a late night buffett!!!!
  11. ^^^Haha!!!! You know, if you are having cravings for ice cream, I just had some Breyer's Double Churn Free ice cream. It's fat free, and only 90 cals. per portion (of course a portion is only a 1/2 cup--but it's better than 190 per 1/2 cup!!!)
  12. ^^^P.S.> and it is very tasty--tastes just like the original!

  13. mmmmm handisnacks!! yummmy
  14. I bought those because I thought it was a healthy portion controlled snack at 100 calories each!! Does not help when I eat 3 of them!! Hmm those are good though but I always want more crackers. I am still starving if you can't tell
  15. Since we are on this topic, if you could have any food you wanted right now, what would it be?
    Mine would be a large thin crust cheese pizza and a large fountain diet coke, and some good garlic bread with good ranch dressing on the side.
    why am i torturing myself?!