pms - its not easy being a woman.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    its approaching that time of the month again.. in about a weeks time and again, pms is haunting me.
    just now, my fiance was asking me if i realised that everytime just before the menses come, my moods are significantly not-as-good and i get irritated easily and all.
    the fact is that i did realised it and was asking myself the same question this afternoon.
    the worst part about it is that you know that its probably pms that is making you cranky and you will be reminding yourself that its pms one minute and the next minute, you are off to crankyland again.

    what are your common pms issue?
    mine are
    water retention (HATE IT, MY FEET AND ANKLE AND STOMACH)
    mood swing
    one or 2 acnes that are painful... but they go away after like 2 days.
    skin becomes oilier ( hmm any idea why? )
    hair becomes greasy faster ( eeekkks!)

    please share your knowledge on how to make the pms days less destructive =)

    i am trying by constant reminders, lotsa water and more showers in a day =)
  2. Oh how I feel you. I always feel so bloated and angry I hate PMS. Your gyno can prescribe you something though, I don´t know the name in English.
  3. I know this all too well, I am going through it NOW! lmao!
    My symptoms start exactly 7 days before Aunt Flow comes.

    They are:
    1)Boobs hurt so bad!
    2)My pants hardly fit
    3)I break out so bad!
    4)I am irritable and tell SO very often "You are getting on my nerves!"

    He is really great about my mood swings though. He always tells me "You are going to start your period soon huh? I can tell because you always say how annoying I am" lmao! That 7 days is the only time he annoys me, EVER! Then, when Aunt Flow finally arrives,everything goes away and in comes the cramps! ugh! My solution is-hot showers, lots of sleep, and a lot of time alone!
  4. i have HORRIBLE HORRIBLE pms

    1) i bloat up like a huge balloon and basically don't eat because i feel like i've gained 50 pounds
    2) my boobs hurt like crazy
    3) i get seriously depressed-horribly horribly depressed, everything makes me sad
    4) i'll cry at random commercials/tv shows
    5) i'll constantly pick fights with SO and everyone and everything will irritate me. i'll think his mother looked at me funny, that SO secretly hates me. etc. i become a paranoid mess.

    so i pretty much have random fits about everything. and the worst part is i pms for about a week and a half before my period (sometimes two weeks), then i'm usually pretty okay once it starts (although not always), and then i have like a wave of post-pms or something for a few days after my period, meaning i'm a moody irritable mess for a good part of every month! :cursing:
  5. 1) boobie aches (for like 2 weeks leading up to!)
    2) bloating and back aches
    3) the feeling that i am being attacked by everyone in my life....
  6. LOL! jc, that's me as well.. I'm also a huge emotional mess. :push: And oh! The mood swings! It doesn't help that I'm already a gemini! I really appreciate SO for putting up with me. :rolleyes:
  7. Ugh. PMS and me?

    1) Boobs hurt. BAD. I can't even touch them, let alone DH.
    2) Bloat. I look like I'm 8 months pregnant.
    3) Mood swings. I just cannot keep from verbally ripping off DH's head. EVERYTHING he does pisses me off. Just waking up and smiling at me can be cause for me to want him to die. I hate people, all people, even my dog hides for that week. She's not taking any chances. Of course, when it's all over with, I apologize.
    4) I eat salty and sugarery foods like I am starving to death. I can polish off an entire family sized bag of potato chips by myself. Then, I'll want a bunch of chocolate. The rest of the month I barely eat what I should, let alone snacks!
  8. Wow I thought I suffered from the world's worst PMS!! It's a hellish time, those couple weeks before they start. My breasts swell up and hurt like anything, weight gain, bloating, and mood swings, feel all sad and then all pissed, acne, etc etc.
  9. Oh I forgot to mention, I CRAVE sweet stuff like mad. I don't have much of a sweet tooth but during that time I crazy with the chocs and stuff. :push:
  10. oh yes! how can i forget the food craving part!
    during this time, to prevent or to minimise bloating, the right thing to do is to eat less sodium and drink more water but it is during this time that i will crave for the most saltish thing and the sweetest stuff around!
    i look 3 months pregnant now.
  11. 1. back pain
    2. cramps
    3. HUNGER!!
    4. irratability (and I usually lash out at my BF unfortunatly...but I am getting better!)

    Tough job being a girl...!
  12. Just read up on flaxseed and the wonders it does for menopause! You should check it out NOW!:tup:
  13. 1. hair flakes and feels greasier
    2. painful pimple (1-2)
    3. Aches all over my body
    4. Sensitive to Crying
    5. Very tired
    6. Food Craving (chocolate)
    7. Horny (i cant explain that one)

    I have learned to deal with them, i dont do anything. I just realize its best to walk around with an extra pad or tampon
  14. At least you don't try to pull a Praying Mantis on him... mate and then want to rip his head off like I used to do.

    Or do you?:p
  15. 1. Very sensitive (I'll cry for just about anything, especially when I'm watching something on TV)
    2. Crave chocolate
    3. Bloated
    4. Very moody (I'm not fun to be around when I'm PMS'ing... I get into fights with everyone)