PMS is kicking my butt the older I get...anyone else?

  1. Do you notice that after having children and getting older, your pms MOOD symptoms are SO much worse?!

    EVERY single month (and now...which is why I"M YELLING occasionally throughout this POST!:p) I find myself raging on the inside, yelling at my kids...feeling guilty about yelling at them...lack of patience and overall wondering what my problem is. Finally, dh will ask if I'm about to start to which I surprisingly answer, ' it all makes sense!'

    Every month. YOu'd think since it's a frequent and constant happening I'd be a bit more prepared for it's emotional visit!:nuts:

    So...I'm thinking of talking to my obgyn about getting back on the pill to see if that regulates my feelings of annoyance and lack of patience that week prior.

    Anyone else do this w/success? I don't was NEVER this gritchy when I was on birth control and before the babies.

  2. I don't any have kids and still my PMS gets worse as I get older. The cramps aren't as bad as when I was a teen but my moods are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Emotionally, I'm all over the place for a day or 2.....:boxing::crybaby::hysteric::wacko::cursing:

    not to mention I get nightsweats once in a while

    then I'm in danger of getting into one of these on the forum: :bagslap:

    So I've learned to stay off on these days!
  3. :yes:^^^YES, girl! Maybe I'm used to the physical stuff, but that doesn't seem 1/2 as bad anymore. It's the gosh!:nuts:

    I just feel like I've got the attitude of 'come on....bring it'! I'm just looking for a fight and have zero tolerance and patience! I can also tell when I'm on here and I feel much 'shorter' w/ for a breaky-poo.

    I hope tomorrow someone who feels like us can let me know if getting back on b.c. helped. I don't care about dh,:heart: etc....he knows me so well and can 'handle me'...but my poor babies:nuts:they need to have their mother and not the crazy psycho freak I turn into for 2 to 3 days!:push:

    oh...and I get SO hot around 4 to 6 in the a.m.....sweatin like a ho in church.:sweatdrop:
  4. ^^^
    wow that is interesting cause my "sweats" are around the same time. whats up with that? and yeah, DH has learned how to avoid me for sure.
  5. I am 32 and have a 12 year old daughter. My symptoms got so bad- hot flashes, lightheadedness, severe abdominal pain, etc- that a few months ago I ended up in the hospital for 3 days. Surgeons best guess- an ovarian cyst ruptured, OBGYN guesses also that I have endometriosis. So I now take Yaz birth control pills which have been not so easy to adjust to but heping a lot with the pain. I Also take Ambien CR to help with the insomnia. In addition, I constantly carry Pamprin with me in case a bout of severe cramping starts up. Ah the joys of womanhood eh?
  6. I agree...I noticed about 3 years ago (almost 41 now) that my moods were very irratic about a week before my period....just looking for an argument...irritable...very impatient....and it varies every month's not bad all the time....but WHOA!!!! LOOK OUT DH when it hits!!! And knowing that's it's caused by hormones doesn't help either....It's just something that we have to endure until we reach the big M!!
  7. My PMS gets worse every year..... this year, i will sometimes feel like it's just soooo hot... and i'm NOT anywhere near having a menopause. i can only dread how that must be if i can't deal with the ocassional heatwave my body creates during PMS...

    and i get *****y and all ready to get into an arguement. i'll tell you what works. you go out and do as many transactions as possible. you do thte grocery store, the bank, whatever it is.... Call customer service to take care of those things you've been meaning to take care of.

    SOMEONE will eventually screw something up and you get to scream your bloody head off and release those mood hormaones and what not...

    sigh i know ... i sound crazy... i swear i'm not .... i really am a good person ...even if i may sound like one crazy nut right now.... Urgh .... hmmm i think my time of the month is just around the corner.....
  8. I've been apparently diagnosed with PMDD - because a few days beforehand, I get HORRIBLE anxiety attacks. My mood is WHACK. I'm so overwhelmed, and I get panic attacks - plus cramps, migraines. I want to just die. Then once I have my period, I'm okay...and occasionally, it hits AGAIN right after it ends (just like for 24 hours). My doctor suggested Prozac (:wtf:) that I would take for 2 weeks out of the're supposed to take it right around your time of ovulation (good luck) and then up until the last day of your period. It's supposed to "level you out". I'm not a big pill-popper, so I haven't even considered it, even though I picked up the prescription and it's sitting in my cabinet. I'm really anti- anti-depressant only because of how @@# up you get ON them...maybe if we all exercise regularly (I know I don't), and I've heard about staying away from certain foods when you're PMS....we should all try it out and keep ourselves posted.
    I'm 41 and have four children (all under 12)....:rolleyes:
  9. Excercise helps me. (when I do it!) And Pamprin and chocolate are my best friends...:love:
  10. Oh! Thank you god for chocolate.
  11. I have started using oral contraceptives at a fairly young age (~15). I tried to go without it when I was around 18 and after a few months I just went back on, because 2 weeks out of each month I would get very depressed :sad: ... So, even when I am not in a relationship I am on the pill because I am too scared I am gonna go crazy again...

    On the past year I have noticed that even tho I am on the pill, my PMS is getting worse and I suffer from it longer (more that 1 week) than a year ago. I wonder if I have PMDD too :confused1:

    I feel like such a loser, because I *can't handle* my mood swings :sad:

    mshel when I asked my doctor about going back on the pill because of PMS, she said I had a choice of either taking hormone supplements or going back on the pill. Maybe your doctor has better choices for you! Definitely ask! Life is too short to be stressed out...
  12. ^^^Thanks simm...I'm def. going to call and ask. My body handles the pill extrememly well...always did. That would be a fine option imo, if the doc thinks it'd work.

    I've got nothin' to lose by trying fam unit will thank me dearly if it's successful! :smile:
  13. I know mine did too :rolleyes:

    Good luck!
  14. Well I'm older than you but noticed in the perimenopause state that at times, those around me were in serious danger (not that they knew it- I acted like myself but felt that I was raging inside), talked to my FEMALE gyno & she put me on Effexor to protect those around me- I really felt like I was going to go berserk on them.:nuts:
  15. Better living thru chemistry, I always say.