PMS acne and how to get rid of it???

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  1. Before getting my period each month I get these HUGEEE zits and occasional pimples. they are SOO annoying. i've tried everything but nothing ever works :sad: from dr brandt, ddf, peter thomas roth, and even zeno. but nothings helped.

    does anyone know of any zit creams or acne treatments that have really worked well on them?

    thanks. im so desperate!
  2. maybe u can consult yr gyni doc to check on your hormone balance? coz usually if our hormone is well balanced, during pms we wont be getting alot of major breakouts or never..maybe bloatyness thats it..and dont stress on it..not any amount of products u put will change yr pms status immediately..takes time k :yes:
  3. you can search the forum on this. there was a similar thread about this too. :smile: