PM vs MM-Which Agenda should I get?

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PM vs MM

  1. Keep PM

  2. Damier MM

  3. Epi MM-rouge

  4. Taiga MM-grizzi

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  1. I own 2 PM agendas, love the size and look (Dameir Koala & Rose Mono Koala), yet I hate the feeling of writing on memo pads-they are so small and uncomfortable to write with, i can't keep track of everything! The pain of finding none LV refill & pretty pen also bothers me. What I do like about it is the size (to look at) and fits in most of my purses. But is it really worth it to deal w/the pain again in 2008, or should I switch to MM agenda? Also I've stamped them w/my initials, so i don't think i can sell them to fund for MM:sweatdrop:

    MM agenda is definitely easier to write with, therefore more useful. But it's also much heavier and hard to fit in purse (i.e. Chanel med flap, sonatine). I'm afraid because of its size, i can't take keep it close by at all times. Also is it difficult to find cute refills? At least I know the pen is much easier to shop for:angel:

    What should I do? I don't trust my phone as organizer b/c I switch programs all the time, and it freeze quite often, plus the battery life....
  2. Go for MM :tup: Keep 1 PM and get 1 MM.
  3. but which to keep and wich to give up? I stamped the Damier already, and the Rose is actually on it's way to get stapmed, but i doubt anytime soon b/c store wait til certain # collected then sends for stamp. Rose koala's combo fits my girly side and Damier w/red interior it just stunning.....
  4. Keep the Rose Mono and don't worry about stamped :smile: you still be able to resell it on eBay. I ever saw some LV agendas & bags on eBay with heat stamp.
  5. Well I say try the MM out and keep the 2 PM's.
  6. I'd say stay with the PM, and agenda is less useful if you cannot always have it with you.
  7. Traci-i need to borrow your money tree :graucho:
    eliot-that's what made me create this thread. PM w/ me at all times but not useful, MM is useful but can't carry w/me at all times....
  8. i got a medium agenda and love it...easy to write n put in bag tooo:tup:
  9. PM is cute but small. I think it is easier to find cute refills for it though - I found lots in my city. MM I think will be too heavy. You will probably have to keep it as a desk organizer. I bought 2 little (non-LV) organizers and I will be using one as a calendar that goes in my smaller purses and the bigger one will fit in my work purse and school bag. You might want to try that.
  10. heh heh heh i guess this means that it's time to get/work towards a new purse too tee hee :graucho:. i'd get a MM regardless. there's no use in having two things that you consider as "not useful"--that is unless they have some sort of sentimental value. i'm all about functionality and efficiency. i'd get the MM because it IS MORE USEFUL and you wouldn't have to deal with another year of frustration. Best of luck and i hope everything works out for you. :tup:
  11. I love the epi rouge, try that and see if it's more functional for you.
  12. Thanks ladies! jellybebe, it's soo hard to find cute refill for my agenda in my city, internet is my only source if i want something other than filofax.

    Being the lazy person I am, I doubt i can keep up w/2 agendas....

    Jennabee-Koalas are my first agenda, plus it's LE and the color combo are soo cute, I don't have the heart to part w/it, maybe ^^; But i do need to sell something to fund it, 'One out, THEN one in' is my 08 resolution ^^
  13. Red Epi MM would be so beautiful and practical.
  14. Sell one of those PM's and go for the Medium Ring in Damier Canvas.

  15. OhHhHhHh...i see. hmm i didn't know Koalas were LE *smacks forehead* :push: well there are other things that you can always sell to come up with funds. i remember a time when i was strapped for cash and i ended up just having a mean ol' yard sale lol. regardless, i'd go with an MM ;)