PM Ulysee as Address Book?

  1. Hey ladies,
    I need some help. After combing most of the older threads (I think & hope). I've finally decided that maybe the PM Ulysee is the perfect size. But I am not sure if it comes with address tabs and/or inserts.
    Orchids did a wonderful introduction on Ulysees, here is the thread. But no mention of address-like inserts, Help! :sos:

    I'd love to know all the available inserts for the PM Ulysee 6.25" x 5".

    This is from Orchids:
    1. White & Black pages
    2. Colored pages
    3. Business card inserts
    4. Photo inserts
    5. Travel inserts -indexed and lined sections and paper for travel as well as two pockets for tickets, misc. papers, etc.

    If anyone has photos of the other available inserts, would be great too. TIA ladies!
  2. AirMess, I could be wrong but I don't think it comes with an address book insert.
  3. Actually it does now.
  4. Thanks MrsS & Cynthia! :flowers::flowers:

    I dread going down and finding that I have to start all over again. I like the fact that I can add and remove pages, not just crossed it out.

    I hope they start selling Ulysees inserts online as well. That way, I can take a look at all the available options.
  5. The PM Ulysee comes in different kinds of inserts, including an address book. I also like the one with the tabs for hotels, restaurants, etc. That's really cool! I wish they'd do this for the TPM size as well.

    I also really love the blank shiny white paper that looks like it's sparkling.
  6. Cynthia, do you have a picture of what the address book insert looks like? I asked at H today, and the SAs were all so insistent it does not exist. And I'm thinking it's just because it hasn't come to our shores yet.
  7. MrsS, no, I don't have a photo of it because I don't actually have one (my iPhone is my address book). I can try to describe it as well as possible! There are A-Z sections, like any address book. The heavier pages which define the sections are deep brown, and then the letters are done in white on the tabs, and the tabs are covered in shiny stuff so they won't curl. If I recall correctly, the inner pages are white and a touch heavier than the plain paper refill, and I think they're sectioned like a regular address book with spots for all the relevant info.
    If no one else clarifies between now and then, I will update this after Saturday which is my next trip to H.

    Hope it helps!