pm totally vs ballade pm

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  1. Which is the preferred handbag to use daily to go the office? My work attire is a sports jacket and dress slacks.
  2. Totally
  3. Agree, totally.
  4. Totally
  5. I prefer the Ballade.
  6. Since you have the Delightful PM.I would go with the Ballade.She is prettier...what color were you thinking?
  7. I'm not daring, so fusain. Do you think it will be too soft when filled? I don't want to have pressure on my shoulder. I heard totally is comfortable?
  8. Ballade.

    Not as common,
    lv logo not too big, good for office,
    and no vachetta.


    Great! I sound like a poet.
  9. I'd choose the Ballade!
  10. Totally. I have debated the Ballade. Honestly, it looks pretty cheap and it is not cheap.
  11. oh, my! I'm still so undecided. :confused1: I definitely don't want a bag that is so expensive but looks, " cheap", as Clu 13 says. I hate to get a third mono, having Tivoli and Delightful already. But I must say there is something that I find attractive about the Delightful. I guess I'll try them on in front of the mirror 2 LV soon.
  12. Have you considered the Avalon MM or Portobello. I thought the Portobello was kind of bland but it is much nicer in person. And it was pretty comfortable.
  13. Ballade; not a fan of the Totally.
  14. Thanks a lot.

    I'll look into the Avalon. I feel the Portobello is like DE delightful. Seem similiar.
  15. What about something in epi? Epi Electric Brea GM?