PM?? Pampelonne is not a small bag

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  1. But it sure is pretty, I'm hooked.
    I picked up the Pampelonne PM & it is huge, I took pics so you can get an idea of the vastness of this things interior. The speedy is a 30[the PampPm is a tad taller than the speedy is wide], the bag right side up in there is my Manosque PM & the upsidedown bag is my beloved Alma. :roflmfao: @ my hightec tags. This thing weighs a TON though & I am going to have to start a weight lifting program now so that I can carry it this spring, it's four and a half lbs empty :wtf: If it wasn't so well organized inside & so darn pretty to look at I would probably take it back, but I love it & so am doomed. I will be in the gym, eating spinach & frantically searching for some Shining monkey if anybody wonders what happened to me.

  2. It IS a huge bag!! :nuts: Congrats, it's very pretty, but much too big for me, and of course it's quite pricey too...
    Model it please! :nuts:
  3.'s huge bag, it seems bigger than Manosque GM...the bag is GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats !!!!! Model it please...
  4. I don't model, as I feel as huuuge as this bag myself, but I will have one of my kids pose when they get home from school.
  5. Well, that is one BIG BEAUTIFUL baby you have there! :love: Thanks for sharing and enjoy the spinach! :P Congrats!:wlae:
  6. What a beauty. I love the inside. Congrats and happy weight lifting ;).
  7. Taco.....:flowers:


    Despite the PM size ummm hmmm.... It's still gorgeous....:love:

    Glad you exchange the GM for the "smaller" one...:angel:
  8. It's gorgeous but wow, so heavy!
  9. ;) Whoa! It is pretty huge but oh so so gorgeous...Why is it so heavy? You won't need to lift weights, you'll just have to lift your Pampelonne.:yes:
  10. Thanks everyone, glad they got one for me.I love it soooo much. I get the feeling that these are not going to fly out of the stores though, so I probably shouldn't have worried about it
    I think the handles are what makes it so heavy, they are very thick & have heavy brass hardware. Ohmygosh pinkiwhatever99, I am so glad I passed on the GM:shrugs: I have no idea what that would have been like to carry around, or what you would carry in it :wtf: I am pretty sure it included Costco sized containers of vitamins, a pack of Red Bull & personal trainer though.
  11. It´s stunning!! Gongratulations!
  12. congrats! yes that is a huge bag, I loved it though when I looked at it in the store.
  13. I love the look of that bag! And the interior is tdf. It's so beautiful---please post pics wearing it! We are not judgmental and we don't care what size you are. I'm no skinny model, myself!
  14. Congrats.
  15. WOW! nice BAG!!!! Congrats!

    I personally don't find your PM is too big, I think it's a perfect tote size bag... but the GM is GINORMOUS!!! By the way, your Alma's bottom is spotless, thumbs up for that too!!! :biggrin: Congrats once again!