Pm or mm????

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  1. I learned that the soft lockit is no longer being produced. I'm trying to decide on either on the pm or the mm in nior. I had the mm in Questche and had such a difficult time letting it go and I should have kept it!!!!! I know there are many on tpf that own both sizes. I have requested to have both sent to my local boutique. I will decide if which size or to move on. I would appreciate any and all thoughts and comments. I'm Thank you for listening and your help.
  2. I like the PM best on me. I'm 5'3" and 100#. It all depends on what you carry on a daily basis, I think. I found the PM plenty roomy.
  3. I have mm which holds all my things from the lightest days to the days when I need to throw extras in. It can go from everyday to travel but it just depends what all you need to carry. I don't like any items near the zipper when I close it, i.e. iPad, shawl, agenda
  4. I'm a PM gal, but I don't need to carry much. If I have my baby with me, I use a separate baby bag for him.
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    I think it really depends on the bag. For the most part MM.
  6. PM. MM is big and if you don't carry much, you will feel that extra weight.
  7. I appreciate all if the comments and now I'm going to throw in another question. Would you go preloved or from the boutique. I think the only one I would purchase preloved would be the mm Questche color???? I love your thoughts I hope to learn more about the pm vs. the mm. Thank you!!!!

  8. I prefer new.

  9. That's so odd! Why would they discontinue such a beautiful bag???!?!
  10. Noooooooo! I've so been hoping for some updated colors, was waiting for the perfect color to come along before considering such a large purchase. I suppose this'll save me some $$ but I'm still sad!
  11. I know, I was wondering the same thing! This is a stunning bag. First the Emp Speedy goes and now this! I wonder what direction LV is heading in with marketing.
  12. oh no. something off the wishlist now.
  13. I ordered the pm and it was too small for what I usually carry. I don't carry documents or a lap top just wallet make up bag sunglasses pm agenda etc. I had to return it for the mm which is perfect for me! It is definitely not too big. It is very similar in size to a lot of LV bags! The measurements on the LV site are very misleading!
  14. +1. Definitely new for me as well.
  15. I completely agree, and I'm disappointed as well. The SL, SC and Emp Speedy are LV classic styles in gorgeous leathers, offering clients more versatility and options in the tried and true designs. I considered them timeless and the colors were beautiful. You knew ,if you decided to purchase, you would be getting a mainstay in your collection. I just don't follow the rationale behind the current direction LV has taken. The new designs aren't " speaking" to me at the moment.
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