PM Mono, Palm Springs Mini, Favorite MM Mono...

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  1. If you had the chance to purchase 1 out of the 3... which would you pick?

    - Pochette Metis Mono
    - Palm Springs Mini
    - Favorite MM Mono

    Currently i'm stalking these 3 beauties and I'm telling myself to be good until Christmas lol... :smile: however if one of these pop up, I know it will be so hard for me to hold back!! I seriously wish I could have all of them haha. If anyone would like to respond, I appreciate it! :smile: It's such a tough choice!
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  2. Favorite in mono!! I wouldn’t even think twice lol. The PSM is more of a realistic find so I may just end up getting that for Christmas.
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  3. Palm Springs mini in mono. I have this bag and yes it’s cute and holds a bit but be prepared for some inconsistencies. My bag has some and people here have the same sentiments. Peace.
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  4. Favorite MM in Mono! I have the Pochette Metis in Mono and love it but I find myself grabbing my Favorite more often since I like the simplicity of it, also it's a bit more carefree than the PM in mono since the vachetta is only on the strap...and I can use the strap from my PM mono to make it really carefree. :lol:

    Also, the Favorite is much more difficult to get, and the rumors that it is going to be discontinued soon don't help. The PM Metis and PSM will still be around for a while so if you have a chance to grab the Favorite, I would suggest getting that first.
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  5. Favorite MM Mono. I have it and love it. Not a backpack person and never cared for the PM.
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  6. I want all 3 !

    Favorite - good for dressy and casual use because of multiple strap options. Lightweight and good price point. But doesn't fit a ton.

    Metis - better than favorite for casual everyday because has more space and more secure closure but not transitional to dressy.

    Palm springs mini - this bag is probably the least practical. It costs 2x as much as the favorite and is the most casual of all 3. But its soooooo cute and I definitely want one.

    If I had to pick one only... I would go with the favorite. I love the psm and am patiently waiting to see how the new version turns out.
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  7. Favorite mono, just because it's so difficult to get, and there's rumors about it being discontinued. I think it's very versatile for casual or dressy use, even moreso than the DE version.

    The other two bags have their issues, but I would pick the PSM over the PM. I think it's adorable, and I just love tiny backpacks in general.
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  8. Pochette metis by far. The favorite is cute, but too small for everyday. I don’t like wearing mono as an evening bag, too casual.
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  9. I have the Favorite and the Pm. I love my Favorite with my PM strap..:smile:
    PM a lot bigger so I often prefer taking the lighter purse:smile:
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  10. I have the favorite and PSM...hard to pick, to be honest, though I’d probably go with the favorite.
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  11. PM!!! I even bought a PM backup recently. That’s how much I love this bag. I get compliments all the time.

    Also don’t get fooled by when to use this purse. I use my PM day and night and to all places! I am able to pull this baby with me and I love it. I recently added the Empreinte PM in cherry berry which I love as well and will use to more during date nights but plan to use it during day time as well. I enjoy my bags anytime I want to use them. Good luck with your decision!

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  12. I've never owned the backpack, but it's not my style so wouldn't want it.

    Of the Favorite and the PM, definitely the PM. I sold my Favorite. That bag was around for a long time but was never all that popular when it was readily available. More people wanted the Eva. Now that it's scarce it seems to be very popular. It's not a bad bag, but I don't find it that special. I liked the PM the moment it came out. Mine unfortunately had problems and I bought and sold 2 before landing on the PM in Emp Noir. What can I say? I really like the PM!
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  13. I recently purchased a PM Noir and I’ve had the Favorite since released. I love them both for different reasons. PM is great for every day. Favorite is fabulous for special occasions. I will say it is THE best traveling bag ever. I travel for work and it’s great to throw in your carry on. It’s held up great and I do not baby this bag.
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  14. The PM or Favorite MM, because I prefer crossbody bags and I find the Palm Springs to be a more trendy bag. I’ve both the PM & Favorite but use them at different times and depending on what I need to bring with me. They’re also different prints so that also factors into when I use each. My PM is in mono and my Favorites are in DE & DA. Fingers crossed you come across one of the bags on your list!
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  15. I love my 3 beauties 54A66A6C-5FBC-4D4C-8B56-035C0B0E4410.jpeg
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