PM me if you want 226 black metallic, dark silver, or light silver ($2350)

  1. ladies, it's been too long since i posted to TPF. life is too hectic right now!!!! :push:

    BUT, it's my duty to inform you the following:

    that my SA at chanel has the size 226 available in dark silver (she is/was holding this one for me), light silver, and black metallic. she said you must act fast if you want it. the cost is $2350, not including tax.

    soooooo.... please PM me if you want her contact info.

    i hope a TPFer (or a few) will get these bags from her! :p

    P.S. she said the size 227 and the jumbo (228?) might also be available, but i don't know which colors.
  2. wow all of those?

    how do you ask your sa to hold bags for you for others? what do you tell them? if there is a waitlist... will they hold it for your friend instead of going down the waitlist? i'm just wondering because next time my sa has a hard to find bag for me, i want to pass it on to another tpfer.
  3. If they have a jumbo 228 please pm me.

    I'm so broke but i will figure out a way for a 228!! LOL
  4. i think she only has the dark silver on hold for me since she thought i had originally wanted that bag. i told her i will pass, but i asked if i can pass it on to friends. she said yes and hence i posted on here.

    i don't know how strict SAs are about going down the list.

    my SA did tell me that there are other reissues in larger sizes "floating around". i don't know if she meant in her store or in the system. either way, it sounded to me that if i wanted them she can get them for me.

    anyway, she told me to give her contact info to anyone who may be interested in the above. i hope a TPFer will get something from her bc she is really great!!!
  5. iluvbags - on my way back from my conference, i saw the 228 black metallic in holt renfrew vancouver, in the chanel boutique. they do ship to the states.

    i don't have their info on hand, but i am sure you can google their info.

    if you rather get it from chanel in the USA, please pm me if you want to call my chanel SA. i won't really be popping back into TPF soon since i need to get a ton of things done for work. so PMing me will get my attention since it goes directly to my email. thanks! :flowers: