PM Karo

  1. Does anyone know the current USD price of a mysore PM Karo?

    Has anyone heard that it is being discontinued? (That's the message in Canada.)
  2. I was told by my friend who asked her SA that they were INDEED being discontinued:confused1:..bummer too.

    Before the price increase this month:
  3. Thanks, Ghost. What a shame!
  4. The karo is being discontinued really. My local store said they had 20 of them and they only have one left. (I bought the second to last one). I'm surprised they would discontinue something so popular
  5. I was told at FSH in December that because of the shortage of good leather, meaning chevre, they don't do Karo anymore. Maybe one day again, who knows...
  6. Gosh, I figure FSH would know but I was in Atlanta on business recently and the SA there had not heard that it was discontinued. It is such a fabulous item, I don't understand why they couldn't discontinue something else instead!
  7. Hello Piaffe! I know that Hermes Dallas TX has several and know nothing of the discontinued status... :o) There are still lots around... Too bad I just sold mine in Rose shocking...It was soo beautiful!
  8. ahhhh! - it would have matched my new globetrotter so perfectly! ;)
  9. I asked my SA today about the Karo being discontinued and she said she hasn't heard that and the Karo was on the "Podium list". She said that H rarely discontinues something and also they would likely do it over a two-year period. I believe I have that correct... but bottom line is that she hasn't heard anything about it being discontinued. I ended up getting a GM Mysore in Rouge H today... it'll be here tomorrow!! :yahoo:
  10. OH WOW, a rouge h chevre Karo, how DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAMY!!!!

    I am really going to need to see photos of that little lovely!!!!


    Its hard to believe they would discontinue such a versatile and popular item...I am going to be optimistic that they carry on with the Karo!!!
  11. Kallie Girl, it's tomorrow!!! Show us the pics of your Rouge H karo!!!
  12. the karo is such a little cutie! why oh why would H discontinue it. Are pf gals the only ones that love this?
  13. The weirdest thing as far as I'm concerned is that I called 2 of the 3 Canadian boutiques - and the SAs did not know what a "karo" was! I was told that the boutiques purchase only some of the small accessories, based on what they ascertain customer needs to be. Karo is apparently not popular with Canadians!