PM evelyne in Orange Epsom

  1. I think the Epsom leather is a bit stiff , but I saw it yesterday and tried it on - PM, orange - and it looks good on me - I'm 5.
    It's expensive for me -1600 - so maybe a black would be better.
    What do you think?
  2. CC--if you think the Epsom is a bit stiff, I personally like the Evelyne in a softer leather like Clemence because it molds beautifully to the body in this style. If you're in need of a black bag and want this for everyday then go for the black, otherwise you may find that the orange goes with more than you think.
  3. Clemence is my preference for the evelyne as well. I think it's a great style bag to have in a bright color, so if you like the orange, go for it!
  4. I agree with the others--clemence is a great skin for the evelyne. It really compliments the casual look of the bag!
  5. Clemence in perfect!!! So soft, smooshy and gorgeous! I really think you will love it!
  6. Thank you all : i think I will go for a black clémence

    Only problem : it's about 900 more expensive :sad:
  7. ^That must be a different size then? I can't believe that clemence in an Evelyne PM is 900 (what - euros, dollars?) more expensive.
  8. Are you getting the PM2 with the large outside pocket? If you can, I suggest you get that one as that outside pocket is soooo handy! Good luck on your purchase!!
  9. I agree with Kallie-I have the Black Clemence PM2-that outside pocket makes all the difference. One other thing that may help you decide-it may take more effort to keep the orange canvas strap clean.
    Why is the black so much more?????