PM Diary inserts!!! Help!! Me stupid???

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  1. Hi all, today I went to get the 2011 inserts for a PM 6 ring agenda I have NEVER used.
    Now I feel like an idiot that I did not ask the guy in the shop what the tag things were...:shrugs:
    I got the complete day set with ruler, address book, stickers etc and put it all in BUT BUT I also got these 2 little luggage cardboard THINGS?? which each have a little brass hole and one has a little leather thread looped through it.

    WHAT are they for????:thinking: How do I attach them????:weird:

    I know I seem very stupid but can someone please help????:shame:

    Thanks heaps:happydance:
  2. I just put them in my agenda, they are really cute.
  3. I don't use them, but they are cute!
  4. :shrugs: Do what you want with them, they're just little extra goodies I think. I use my T&B one from last year as a bookmark. You don't have to use them for anything, it's not a drama.. :amuse:
  5. Thanks everyone for your help! I thought they had some page marker use or something! Will use for fun:woohoo:
  6. Hi searly_girl, I just bought my first LV agenda and also got the 2011 (and 2010) refills. I think they're just designed to be bookmarks/page holders. I will use mine for that, anyway - and the one from last year that looks like a luggage tag, I'm going to use as a bookmark for the novel I'm reading! I love them.