PM a mod/Reporting a thread

  1. I'd like to suggest a feature as part of the dropdown list in Thread Tools.

    Currently when we want to report a thread spam/ request deletion of a thread, we would need to copy the thread URL, then go to the TPF main page and look for the Thread Leaders link at the bottom of the page to find a mod to PM then paste the URL in the PM.

    Can the Thread Tools list include an item that says PM a Mod or Report this Thread?

    Just a thought :smile:. It wouldn't be a frequently used feature (I hope), so it's not really a must have feature if it's not so easily done.
  2. When you report a thread using the left hand alert icon, an email automatically goes to the Mods and Administrators from that area.
  3. I think you can just click the little warning sign under your avatar picture to have a shortcut to report a thread, unless it changed. :smile:
  4. yes, there's actually one little button that does it all.
    The little red triangle w/ exclamation point under your name.
    [​IMG] Just click it on whichever post is offensive and it comes right to our Inbox.
  5. Ohhh, I didn't realise, haha, thanks.