plzzz LV me =]

  1. i am IN LOVEEE:yahoo: :yahoo: WITH THIS BAG... i know it's the mini LV but i have never seen this color b4 does anyone have a clearer it still available or was it a limited sdiotion and does anyone kow the name? i am going crazy over this bag:nuts: I MUST HAVE IT... CAN ANYONE PLZZ HELP ME:yes:
  2. This bag was the mini monogram Marie (blue-coloured). It was discontinued a number of years ago. :yes:
  3. plzz don't say soo sad :sad:
  4. could still try find it on ebay :smile: still have hope
  5. Indeed, it's true.

    This bag may turn up on the odd occasion on e-bay. However, only use that option if you are comfortable with buying a used bag, and, just as importantly, be careful and make sure the item is authentic!
  6. thank you eyelove and Nina_LV.... both great help
  7. You're welcome! :smile: