PLZZZ I need"websites"that sells authentic handbags of lv,chanel,versace...& more..!?

  1. hellooow,
    pllllzzzzz guys :sad: i neeed websites that sells authentic handbags of louis vuitton, chanel,versace,prada,miumiu,marcjacobs ,dolce & gabbana, burberry,hermes ... & more ...!!?? and if u have them in goood ,low,discounted prices...!!it will be really nice..!!:love:

    plz any one who knows any gooog 100%authentic website plzzz tell meee ...!!!???

  2. sorry, not possible:nogood: there's no such thing.
    Best thing to do is if you find a place or a bag, post it in that designer's Forum.
    For example, if you find a Chanel and wonder if it's authentic, go to the Chanel Forum.
  3. Also you cant buy new LV from any other source except Eluxury and
  4. And most of the brands you listed never go on sale for their price to be low.