Plzzz help me! Coach lovers! Which color wrislet should I get?

  1. Teal!!
  2. I like the magenta, but I am a pink person.
  3. I would go with what matches your wardrobe...
  4. i would go with teal
  5. I would go with the magenta. Its a very pretty shade of pink.
  6. I also like Magenta!! :smile: but true, get what goes with your closet better. I didn't think about that when I bought my Coach purses in PUNCH and now I hardly ever wear them!! (but I still love the color)
  7. mm.. i like the magenta and the teal... lol.. what goes more with your wardrobe?
  8. I like the teal!
  9. I like the teal :smile:
  10. The teal is so pretty! So I vote for that!
  11. hhmmmm tough one.. I think it's just what color you like best.. I LOVE pink.. I am a pink person, but that teal is really cute and would match a lot too.. either way I dont' think you can go wrong! ;)
  12. Both colors are gorgeous! Which goes better with your wardrobe? I think between the 2, I'd choose magenta for a young lady! (I have a 15 yo dd who'd love the magenta!)
  13. They are all pretty (I like the new patent!) but the Magenta :girlsigh: is just perfect!
  14. I was going to buy that wristlet in magenta for my little sister who is 13....until she said she hated it. But I still like it, so I say go for the magenta