PLZZ HELP! What does my code meeeaaan!????

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  1. I've bought my galliera pm date code FL4120 a months a go (end of aug 2010).
    I really can't understand wt the code means? Could anyone help?
  2. looks like it's made on 42nd week of 2010. Pls confirm n post on the other thread.
  3. FL (means made in the USA) on the 42nd week of 2010.
  4. That was what I thought, but then I don't think we're even in the 42nd week of 2010 yet are we? There are only 52 weeks in the year and that would put us at 2.5 months away from the end of the year! And it was bought in August..

    Maha where did you buy this from, was it a LV store or someplace else? :confused1:
  5. This is only the 38th week.....weird.,,
  6. Post all date-code questions in the link Frankie provided.

    Yes, a date-code of FL4120 should indicate a counterfeit bag seeing as (trumanfinn calculated) that we are only in the 38th week. Where did you purchase this said Galliera?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.