Plzz help! Question about how fast the tokidoki bags are going to be sold out!!!

  1. I really want a scuola transporto and I was going to buy it today online with the 25% off but my mom says tomorrow afternoon that she would be able too. Right now, I am so scared its going to be sold out like other bags such as zucca and gioco, so fast! Do you think it'll still be there tomorrow? I added it to my cart though! Oh yea, I am 16, so I don't have a credit card, so i have to wait!!! :crybaby:
  2. well imo scuola's are not one of the styles people buy the most of like zucca, gioco, ciao, dolce, etc... so you should be safe!

    btw... adding things to your cart doesnt mean its reserved
  3. ^ Unfortunately, buying it doesn't even mean it's reserved. I bought a Trasporto Stellina & Denaro, and the next day customer service called me to tell me there were no more denaros. (Of course they got more in later, and didn't even offer to backorder for me... they just cancelled my order and that was it... but that's another story)
  4. ^ thats horrible. giant peach did that to my sister once :/ thats bad, its inconvenient and you get all excited over nothing x__x
  5. ^I know! But it all turned out ok. That very same day I called the one specialty shop in Chicago that carries Toki and they had just gotten their trasporto in and held a denaro for me.
  6. THanks! But I don't think I want a scuola now. Yea, its not the type of bag that I particularly like and I just found out there is a gioco at my nearby macy's store!
  7. Ahh gioco, at first I hated that style, but after looking at it in person I love it!