Plzz help! Is prority mail safe? Have you order a qee or bag through prority mail?

  1. I'm scared because I'm going to order two pullip dolls through prority mail and I was wondering whether its going to be safe or not. Does prority mail get ship right to your house? I'm afraid that it will be lost along the way!!! I'm going to order one and another one is going to be preordered. Do you think prority mail is safe enough? even when it doesn't guranteed to come within 3 days.

    Plzz help thanks! :crybaby:
  2. Priority mail by USPS gets shipped the way as First class regular mail does, just that it's faster. It gets sent to your doorstep if seller has purchased an extra service called "delivery confirmation" or "signature confirmation".
  3. I've used it a couple of times and it has been useful to me specially when I want to get things faster. I've never encountered any problems with it...
  4. As a seller I always ship priority mail because its faster and safer. I believe priority mail packages actually get forwarded to your forwarding address when you move, and regular first class packages don't. Plus like everyone pointed out it is much faster.
  5. With priority you get a package much quicker, and usually with tracking information.

    Almost all of my toki transactions were through priority mail. The one time I purchased a foresta dolce and paid for it to be shipped with parcel post, it was MIA for weeks and was sent back to the seller with "insufficient postage" and she said it was also damaged in the process & had to refund me.
  6. I will say that I recently sent a Toki to Guam via Priority Mail, and it took the recipient a bit over 2 weeks to receive it.
  7. Priority International is different from Priority Domestic ^^
  8. yeah...I've used priority mail several times and I live on the east coast...and most of my stuff comes from the west coast and it only takes 3 days tops ^^ with delivery confirmation it's great~ but if you wanna be even more careful, insurance is good, it'll require a signature from you before you can get it though so someone will have to be home when the mailman comes
  9. Thanks yall!!! Shoot, i ordered it with prority mail, I hope my mom picks it up and signs it.
  10. My understanding was that Guam is a U.S. territory? Is this true?
  11. Yes, but because of the distance involved mail takes longer from domestic USA to Guam and vice-versa.
  12. Yes, Guam is most definitely a US territory.