Plzz help! If you've gotten a fake bag through bluefly, how do you return it?

  1. Yes, I have posted a similar question to this in the authenticity forum but I need an answer quick. I don't really know the chances i am going to risk to get this bag but, If you've just purchase a fake bag through, how do you get your refund back? Do you just go to the postal office and return it or mail it back? How does the money get back into the credit card, once you've return it? Sorry, I'm new to internet buying.
  2. JL if you have these concerns to start with I really wouldnt order honey.

    Ive been burned with them in the past its just not worth it
  3. 1. Bluefly bags have some sort of sticker on them. So don't remove them unless you're going to keep the bag. Otherwise, they won't refund you the money.

    2. They come with a UPS sticker label for a return, and just use that to return it. They deduct something like $7.95 from your refund.

    I bought a YSL bag from them before. The metal was tarnished and in bad shape, it was awful. Thinking back now, I don't know whether it was real or not, but when I returned it and told them about the metal, they waived the shipping fee and refunded me without any issues.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks! Yes, after so many questions and concerns I realize online buying isn't my thing or worth the risk to begin with. It seems there so much controversy between online buyer sites, even Saks, where I've seen a post on a used bag sent by Saks! If I truly love the bag, I guess I am willing to fork over the extra 500 bucks and go to the Fendi boutique and examine every nick and scratch and beauty if the bag has.