Plzz help! How much does a Batignolles Horizontal cost?

  1. Does anyone have the Batignolles Horizontal? including tax? I really love it. But I want to know the price. Also I am interested in Speedy30, how much is that also?

    Thanks for everyones help :heart:
  2. If you go to you should be able to find the price. They're the only on-line authorized seller of Louis Vuitton. They only ship inside the US. If you're not in the same state as them, then you won't be charged sales tax. They'll have free shipping from time to time too. Happy shopping!
  3. BH = $740, plus tax
    Speedy 30 = $620, plus tax

    tax varies by where you are...good luck!
  4. Thanks yall! I found it! Thanks for the price!
  5. ^^ Get the BH!! It's a lot of LV for the money...meaning great larger size, looks wonderful, holds a ton...awesome!!
  6. i love the bh. its 740.
  7. It is a great bag! A lot of us will agree on that!
  8. BH is one of LV's best I think! Mine was a gift from my lovely bf :love:
  9. I adore my BH....I use it constantly!!