Plz VOTE - which color/leather for SO large capri

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SO large capri - but which color/leather??

  1. Matita goatskin

  2. Ferro nappa

  3. Ossidato

  4. Hey, what about _______?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #31 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    i just got word from bryan in hawaii that it is possible to do a mini and a medium matita cabat (nappa, no more specchio) so who knows BOTH your SOs might be approved.

    ottone capri is going to be AMAZING
  2. Congratulations! Let us know what Italy approves, and what you decide to SO! Ottone is amazing!!! - seems to be everyone's favorite! The matita specchio is gorgeous, too, but I have not seen the matita nappa... should be silky soft, but I have no idea about the reflectivity. A capri in either will be so amazing!
  3. Great choices!! Good luck!
  4. Good luck - can't wait to hear back about what gets approved!
  5. #35 Jul 9, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
    The capri has lovely hardware which IMO is best contrasted and showed off beautifully on lovely nappa leather. So my vote would be Ferro :biggrin: or anything non metallic.

    My ideal capri would be Moro. Rich Deep dark chocolate brown goes best with the antique gold hardware.
  6. i have to temper my remarks by telling you all that i have recently become very careful regarding my purchases after several that haven't worked out well for me.
    i am waiting for a special order and went through some of the same things that you are dealing with here.
    firstly don't consider things that you are not sure of because you will not be able to return a special order. i think a cabat would be too risky for you. you always seem cautious about the openness and that wouldn't change with a special order. also you would be paying a premium for the special order so it would be even more expensive. i personally love the cabat but don't think i would pay 30% above the current cost. i love the cabat but if it doesn't work for you that's fine.
    the other thing is the weight of certain leathers. you find the roma too heavy so any large calf bag may also be too heavy especially if there is hardware involved.
    as far as a bag that is discontinued- i agree that it may not be a good investment unless it is a bag you own and love. that is in fact what i did. my special order is for a bag i currently own and love just wanted it in an exotic material. it is a really simple bag but i know it works for me.
    any way hth. i will do i reveal when i get my so and i hope i like it.
  7. #37 Jul 9, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
    ^ NO, I am not going to SO a cabat. I am SO a Large Capri.

    But I still don't get that whole investment issue. What makes you think something is a good or a bad investment? Resale value? If it's resale value then that may be true, from what I can tell on TPF, large capri is not a popular style, while everyone is so in love with the cabat.

    But I still don't think just because a style is discontinued the value of the bag goes down. Like I said, IF I SO the bag in colors/leathers that were made available before then of course that's like a waste of money as the exact same looking bag was just 50% a month ago, but if I SO the style in a fabrication/color that was never made, AND I know they will never make that combo again because the bag is discontinued now, then my bag is really like any other SO, custom-made just for me.

    Anyhow, I will need to see if they approve anything first, then I can still think through and make my decision.

    I got a feeling the ottone one will get approved since there are many ottone SO approved in the past. I know Ottone goatskin will be heavier than nappa, but as long as the Ottone goatskin capri is still less heavy than a nappa roma than I am happy. And based on my conversation with the SA I think it would. The 3 compartments in the roma just use lots of suede for lining.

  8. Ah, no more Specchio. Oh well, I was too late. I just don't think the nappa matita would be worth the extra cost. So, I guess I will continue the hunt for the perfect black (or alternative). Any suggestions from the experts would be appreciated. Maybe a pleated Nero Veneta would be the ticket as it has that little extra zing. I hope I am making some sense.:nuts::nuts:
  9. i hope my remarks haven't upset you. i was only trying to help.
    i'm sure any of the bags you are considering will be approved and be wonderful.
  10. No, don't worry. I am not upset. I am just feeling bad for my wallet as I think I will be very broke after the SO.

    And OMG the lilac cabat is so tempting, is like it looks so lovely that I don't even care about the openess......I am in BIG trouble!!!
  11. i'm so glad you're not upset.
    the lilac cabat seems really beautiful. i'm lucky- don't do light colors- i love them but they wind up sitting in my closet so i don't go there.
    if you need enabling as far as the openness issue- let me know.
    either way you'll have a great bag.
  12. Oh, I have never owned a lilac bag too. I do worry that it will just sit in my closet, but it is too tempting!!!!!! I don't know what to do, decision decision....
  13. I think that your adorable little girl would love a lilac Cabat.