Plz VOTE - which color/leather for SO large capri

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SO large capri - but which color/leather??

  1. Matita goatskin

  2. Ferro nappa

  3. Ossidato

  4. Hey, what about _______?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ossidato and Ottone combo...
  2. HELLO!!!! that is what i said. ottone ottone ottone:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    am i the only one? ottone and peltro combination
  3. For the money, i have to agree with the ladies who say get a small cabat in ossidato rather than SOing a capri in the same.... unless you really like the hardware. to me the ossidato is blingy enough that i think the hardware would make it too much if you know what i mean. but then i am drawn to BV for the non=blingy factor.

    i remember a discussion a while back where someone had gone to a high end shoe store and had ties or snaps put into their cabat so that it stayed tucked and/or was not so open. (of course BV does not sanction this) i use an H Garden Party all the time, and put my chameleon purse liner inside the bag bag inside the GP. not elegant, but more secure.

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  4. I voted on my personal preference--Matita--but you have to decide what's best for you. sounds like you love the metallic look. For an SO, get the color you LOVE.
  5. I don't want to be a spoiler, but Ossidato SO will probably not get approved. I tried already and SA said that they are out of material for ossidato.

    I vote for the Barcelona Ossidato mini Cabat.
  6. The style was 50% off but I am not into any of the originally made, available colors. I don't think that discount will lower the value of an SO bag since I am requesting it in colors never made available. I mean, in the past certain colors sloane were on sale too, and I don't think that itsel lower the value of the sloane either.
  7. Oh, I sensed that there are some hardcore cabat fans here!!!

    I was considering the mini ossidato cabat, but I worry that the bag is too open, VERY open. And I am not sure if mini cabat is comfy on shoulder.

    I have tried the large Capri on shoulder and it feels comfy, and I do like the hardware. Sometime i also wonder if the look of the mini cabat seems a little too simple. But I am starting to think that ossidato with the hardware on large Capri will be too much going on.

    Maybe a mini ossidato cabat + SO ottone large Capri ! (if I can afford!)

    And no, due to the weight of the Roma I am not considering Roma, I tried it on my shoulder, but it really isn't a shoulder bag, and it's heavy!
  8. Now would be a beautiful combination!
  9. Mini/small/asian ossidato cabat would be my vote. Didn't I tell you it's oh my goodness worth it? My ebano mini is definitely not too simple, not too open, and comfy on a shoulder. Where is blueiris? We need your wise words!!

    If you must SO the large capri, I'd say ottone. I'm very happy with my ottone SO.
  10. (Mid-, I'm here! My workday nearly killed me :faint:)

    Hikarupanda, if you're comparing the small Cabat with the large Capri, I'm not sure that the Cabat is that much more open. I've never seen a Capri in real life, but my sense is that it has a simple fastening at the midsection only. The way I carry my Cabat on my shoulder, my arm falls over the midsection exactly where the closure would be on the Capri. Both bags would be open on the ends. I don't know how the Capri compares to the Cabat lengthwise, but when I'm wearing my Cabat on the shoulder, it's actually not that open because the bag ends up being snug against my body as I carry it.

    Ottone and platino ossidato are very different in personality, I think (I've compared them in person side-by-side). It's hard to recommend colors to others because it's all a matter of personal taste. They're both excellent choices, so it really depends on the look you want.

    As goldenflower mentioned, the platino ossidato is very durable (it's Barcelona calf, not nappa). I wanted a workhorse bag, and I'm glad I chose it--it has a weathered appearance and a very sturdy feel. That said, it's heavier than nappa. Ottone is goatskin, and it, too, is heavier than nappa, I think.

    Doing an SO large ottone Capri or going with a small platino ossidato Cabat--both are going to be significant investments, so if there's any way you could see the colors and/or try on a Cabat, I'd encourage you to do so. I was fortunate enough to be able to see and try on my platino ossidato Cabat before buying, and that helped a lot. I love the simplicity of the Cabat and I like the easy access with the open top. But it's your bag, and if you're not comfortable with the Cabat design, don't spend the moola on it and go with the large Capri instead.

    Good luck deciding!
  11. #26 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    ^ Thanks ladies. I just submitted the order for a large capri in Ottone, and in Matita. I decided that the ossidato will be too overwhelming for the large capri style.

    As for a mini ossidato cabat, I am going to think very hard about it. I have only seen it in the medium size, unfortunately here we don't have the mini in store for me to try it out. But anyways, I still feel unsure about the cabat. I don't know why, I just have doubt about it. I know when you carry it it will be under your arm and won't be all open. But when you put it down, doesn't it just look really open that you can see everything inside?

    I have been trying to think what is holding me back from the cabat besides the openness. I think I feel that the cabat is too "basket" looking, and I am not sure if I am ready to spend $$$$ for a basket, KWIM?
    the capri is more...."finished looking with the hardware. I feel that the handles/straps of the cabat is kinda....boring.....the hardware on the capri's straps make the bag looks more finished. KWIM?

    BUT who knows, I may change my mind tomorrow!!!
  12. Early Congrats !!!!!!
    That was fast, I was expecting the Ottone but also a Matita :woohoo:
  13. If you have this much doubt about the Cabat, or simply don't like it, there's nothing wrong with that. We all have our own preferences. :yes:

    Good luck with your SO approval process!
  14. I love ottone but out of those Ossidato
  15. I will def. keep you all updated on the SO. I got a feeling the ottone one will get approved. Not sure about Matita, maybe that too.

    If they approve both, it will be tough since I do like both but I think Ottone would probably be the winner, my true love!

    I have to say I still like the Ossidato, it's just that ossidato with the capri hardware may look too overwhelming. If I ever get the mini cabat it will have to be the ossidato. While I have doubt about the cabat, I think ossidato is THE perfect color for the cabat!