Plz VOTE - which color/leather for SO large capri

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SO large capri - but which color/leather??

  1. Matita goatskin

  2. Ferro nappa

  3. Ossidato

  4. Hey, what about _______?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi everyone, I am thinking about SO a large capri since I really like the style and they discontinue the style recently. It's hard to choose a color though, I'd love to get a color that is versatile enough to go with lots of things (to justify the extra $$ for SO), yet I want a unique color, something that is eye catching and totally look like a SO!

    I am thinking either 1) Matita goatskin, the one on the belly bag or 2) Ferro (which will really look just like the Ferro Roma), or 3) Ossidato (I was really considering the mini cabat in this color, but I am still uncertain about the openess of the bag).

    Which one will you pick? Or do you have other suggestions?

    I just "stole" pics from other TPFers on the forum for reference so you can "visualize".

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  2. Well, I think that you really love the Ossidato, so I pick that one and it would be stunning in a large Capri. WOuld be versatile and go with everything.
  3. how about ottone :smile:

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  4. I voted for the Matita in Goatskin. How awesome would that be? :drool::drool::drool:
  5. ottone! ottone! hehehe....if not, matita or ferro...can't decide!
  6. I think Matita for the 'subtle' choice .. or
    Ferro for a 'less subtle' choice!!

    hhahahahahha I'm doing my best here!!!
  7. tough decision, but since you want it to be eyecatching and justifiable so price, I think the ossidato! (bc like u said, the ferro would just look like the roma, and the matita isn't very eyecatching). If it were me I'd pick ferro so it'd go with everything(since the roma is so heavy). Btw, if you're open to another color, how about peltro?!?? That color is TDF IRL....
  8. Thanks ladies! I think Ottone with the gold hardware might be just too gold....

    And Peltro might be too silver for me. I think I will pick between matita or ossidato. Ferro will look just like a roma (not too SO-looking if you know what I mean). Besides, I like the texture on the matita and the ossidato. Although I don't have a bag of nappa umbria, but my baltic veneta and my elephant campana are both made of smooth nappa w/o texture, I think for the SO I would prefer the leather to have some texture.

    I might submit both color requests and see which one they will approve, they might not even approve anyway.
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    Of the 3 you proposed, the one that fits your parameters the best IMO is the platino ossidato. Goldenflower says that it wears "as casual" because of the distressing and can be worn easily with black or brown - warm or cool colors. As far as I can tell, there are no other P.O. Capri's around, so it will be clearly identifiable as an SO to the initated. It would be stunning!!!

    ...Unless you are totally sold on the PO Cabat, then I would select the Matita.

    Oh- just read your post above... yes, submit both and see what you get. My guess is that they will approve both.
  10. Ossidato!!!!

    There is a picture of an Ottone Roma in style refrence, have you seen it?

    But if I had to SO I would either choose exotic skin or combination of 2 colors (neutral/subtle colors ofcourse)
    I would really want my SO Capri to be special and unique

    (Since I gave you 2 options I didn't vote)
  11. OMG, I just saw the Ottone Roma and it is gorgy!!!

    OK, now I guess I am gonna pick between Ottone and Ossidato!! (talking about change of heart!!!)

    Juda, SO in exotic skin will be so out of my budget, and I am not too into the 2-color combo, I saw some pics of some 2-color combo on the reference page and not liking them, just not me I guess.
  12. Ossidato!

    Or rather....

    ottone, ottone, ottone! :graucho::graucho:
  13. Hi, but I have much different thoughts than everyone else..but why would you SO a bag that has been discontinued, paying a charge of I think 30% above retail , when the bag has been discounted at least 50% off retail..and the style does not really offer you much closure on top..for the most part it will be open..unless you already have 1 and you are so in love with the style..I just don't know how much value it will have, unless you don't care..
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    I agree with prestwick
    Maybe you should conisder a mini cabat instead ( you were interested in one, right?) or a Roma if you really like the Capri style.
  15. Before you SO a Capri in one of your choices, I wonder if you could take a look at the ossidato Cabat? You can have it sent on approval. Then you could see for yourself if you like it. blueiris loves her small ossidato Cabat and she may be able to reassure you about the open top.

    But if a Capri is what you really want to SO, I'd go with ossidato. It's a very durable finish and leather, and you won't have to baby it. I don't worry about my ossidato Cabat being in the rain or setting it down on the floor. It's a very special leather finish due to the distressed/antiqued finish of the leather, and it looks good with virtually every color.

    Good luck with your decision!