Plz tell me you do this too....

  1. I really luv luv my when it started to rain a few years ago back, I had a great idea. I needed a "rainy day bag".

    Thats the only reason I have some Prada bags...but grew on me and now I have some pieces I really like..but is considered my 2nd option bag, which I dont mind getting dirty or stained. And I buy them off of internet sites that have great discounts. I dont baby my LV bags but I cant help but want them to be kept in great condition to last and last. Im not crazy...right?:shame:
  2. you're not the only one :lol:

    i tend to use my other bags more because i want to keep my LVs as spotless as possible, because i'm a perfectionist and therefore a freak :P. even if i do use my LVs, i use my Damier Papillon and Damier Speedy 25 more, simply because they're so low-maintenance
  3. I love the damier because I don't have to baby it too much. My damier speedy has become my everyday bag. I :heart: the fact that there's no vacheta to worry about. Like you mention, I can take it out when it's raining and not worry about it:flowers:
  4. Not crazy at all..
    I carry my coach bag in rainy days..
  5. I think a LOT of us actually use our Damier bags and accessories on rainy/snowy days to avoid damaging vachetta...Besides, the Damier pieces are GORGEOUS anyway!
  6. Epi is a great "rainy day" LV bag!!!:graucho:
  7. lol.. i use my cheaper bags when it rains.. the LV's stay in their dustbags!!
  8. I carry Coach bags in the winter, especially during the snowier days. So nah, not crazy !
  9. I am not really concern about rain hence I dont worry about my bags! I usually drive to go anywhere so I am not worried about the weather. Also living in California helps as we dont get rain, maybe 3 out 12 months!
  10. Me too. I carry a less expensive bag (Coach) or put my LV in a big tote. Depends on where I'm going, etc.
  11. Me three. I carry Coach on nasty days.
  12. Sometimes I hide them in my BIG Dooney...LOL. My friends think I'm nuts anyways...

  13. Bastille on rainy days for me!
  14. balenciagas for the rain!....but my mono speedy's vachetta never gets water spots! ever
  15. I definitely have a hierarchy of bags for inclimate weather. I like my Monogram Speedy for everyday use though.