Plz reference this bronze python flap *PIC*

  1. I was wondering if this was from 07C or 06F. It's from a page of the latest Vogue. It looks like Maxter's purple python flap with the tassle. Anyone have a reference code on it?

  2. I'm sorry i don't have any info on it but i have to say i love those colors!
  3. that color pops!! :yes::yes:
  4. I think anything with the tassle is from Fall 06. I could be wrong but I believe that is what Swanky indicated also. And she has pics of the Fall 06 lignes posted somewhere here.

    I posted all info on my flap in the reference subforum. It should be under classic flaps. And on the first page.
  5. that bag is part of the cruise o6/07 collection called python spirit... only came in end jan beg/feb- some stores must still have it.
  6. Saks NYC Chanel has that bronze python's absolutely gorgeous -- call and ask for Joseph if you want it!