PLZ post your REISSUE's here~!!!! 225

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  1. Hello everyone.....

    I cannot decide which reissue to get!!!! :shrugs:
    Metallic Black, Metallic Dark Silver, Metallic White....... in size 225. (2008 model)
    or the Patent Reissue......

    I will *really* appreciate if you could post some of your reissue modeling pics.....
    I would appreciate it sooooooooo much!! if you don't mind, please let me know your height as well.....

    Thank you so much everyone!!!

    oh~!! and please let me know if you *LOVE* it or not.....??
    do you wear it with *jeans* and casual clothes?
    cuz I would like to match it with my jeans and shirts......

  2. Ceci~!

    Thank you so much for letting me know! :tup:

  3. Heres my DS in 225.
    2.55 004.jpg
  4. omg Syma....!!

    That is one gorgeous bag you have there!! :nuts:
    Did you buy only one reissue? I only ask coz I've seen so many tpf members who has reissues in every color I can imagine!!
    May I ask how tall you are? If you don't mind.....
    Thanks for posting your modeling pics!
    again, your bag is GORGEOUS!!! :lol:

  5. Thanks Jina :flowers:. Yup one reissue was enough for me, I plan on using it as an evening bag because the double flap thingy gets too much for me during the day. I felt that DS was the most versatile colour for me, but my other faves were the navy and bronze metallic. I'm 5'6" FYI.