Plz!! I´m dying 4 u 2 read this!!!


    Please, click on the link, but firts u need to know sth:

    -Prepare your eyes for seeing the most awful and horrible LV fake EVER (well, I havent seen another that horrible)
    -this site is a mexican site. Its called Free Market and it is associated with ebay...

    I´ll translate you a part of the text, that is the same or more fake:
    Hey girl if u are a kind of women who are always invited to eeeeeeevey party, meeting, disco, or with a very active social life, this is for you...

    And here´s another part, her "explanation" about the "authenticity" of the bag:
    ...the best wishes in the auction chic, fashion and glamourous girls, I´ll respect the final price, This and my other products are brought from Italy and Europe (???) because my sister lives in there, if u want another model, ask me and I can tell her to send me the one that u like..

    Is that right or do u want more fake, fake in both, the text and the bag, OMG how can ugly the counterfeiters make that!!!

    Please leave ur comments and sorry for my bad english:shame:

  2. hehehe, thats just wrong!!!!!!! is it trying to the LV with the chincilla fur on it???? thats just awful!
  3. It looks like some kind of discolored dead animal :sick:
  4. That looks like roadkill :sick:

    That was fun reading the description in Spanish :P
  5. was that $170 in US dollar???!
  6. Yeah Cristina - nice to know that I can still read Spanish after not reading/speaking it for a couple years :amuse:

    Did you see the Preguntas al Vendedor part they are talking about this being like Paris Hilton's....knowing her reputation for wearing fakes that might be true :nuts:
  7. Roadkill for sale. That has to be a first.
  8. Ha! Roadkill was the first thing that came to my mind too!:sick:
  9. That Fendi wallet is definitely fake, too. The fur on the bag looks like a squirrel's tail. It looks like some person shovelled a flat squirrel off the highway and used it to make their fake LV. :lol:
  10. That made my stomach turn.
  11. What in god's name is that? It's a disgrace!
  12. Hideous:sick:. That bag is an insult to all the beautiful LVs:love::love: out there. Disgraceful!
  13. I just love the comment of somebody saying that the bag is identical to one carried by Paris Hilton and adding that she wants to buy it right now LOL :nuts: Too funny
  14. :nuts: People never cease to amaze me with the trash they try and sell as authentic.:blink: :lol: