Plz ID this Marc Jacobs bag...i love it..thx :)

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Could it be his new quilted Venetia from his Spring 07 line? The the only thing is on his spring 07 Venetia the quilted pattern is squares rather than quilted diamonds, which leads me to believe this is from his previous seasons!
  3. This picture's from several months ago, we believe that the bag is a fake of a non existing MJ style (unless we are not awared of it). It looks horrible in terms of quality - the leather pieces attached to the zipper pulls are yucky.
  4. Yeah, I agree with bag lover, now that I look at the pictures more closely. I have an ivory banana hobo from the S/S 06 and the zipper pulls are solid (leather to leather) whereas if you look at her zipper pulls the leather is separated from each other. It looks like is is a replica of an East/West Stam only with zipper pulls and not the kisslock.