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  1. First to say:

    Im new to this forum, and its DEFINATELY my favorite forum of all!


    On 1st May i will make a trip to Paris. And i was thinking of buying my FIRST pair of louboutins!

    I want to spent about 600- 700 Dollar!

    And now my problem starts:

    I want a pair, i can wear with lots of clothes. And black would be great.

    Have you any ideas? It should be a "classic" shoe but still looking fabolous ;) You know what í mean? Sry my english is not the best :biggrin:

    It would be a huge help if you could tell your ideas with the name of the shoe und possibly photos.

    Thank you SOOOOO much!

    You all are such so great fashionitas ;)
  2. my vote would be Decollete
  3. I second decolletes - check the CL resource page for lots of photos.
  4. Welcome! So glad you're enjoying the forum - it's a fun and addicting place.

    My vote would be either the decollete for a closed toe shoe, or a very prive (we call it the VP around here) for an open shoe. Both are classic and very sexy. The decollete is definitely in your range, although the VP might be a little more expensive. The decollete comes in black patent or jazz (a finish that's between regular leather and patent) and the VP comes in black leather or patent, with various colored tips (red, burgundy, and black).

    Here are some pictures of mine for reference - black patent decollete:


    And black leather VP with red tip:

  5. black patent Decollete! :tup:

    I would've also suggested black VP's, but seeing that you live in cold weather, I guess that won't be so practical :P
  6. I would also vote for the Decollete. I've been looking at other styles but the Decollete always stands out for me. I only have one pair but I absolutely love them!
  7. Another vote for the Decollete!
  8. Welcome Elaine!!

    I would suggest a pair of the Declics, which are about $660. I also like the Very Prive very much , but they are approximately costing around $770
  9. Wow guys! Your so quick :smile:

    Yeah i think Decolette seems good to me!

    And yeah rilokiley, the weather ist most of the time cold and rainy ;) ;) ;)

    And do the decollettes exist in not-the-shiny-leather?

    THANK you all so much!
  10. I would go for the Clichy.
  11. :tup: I agree, those are lovely, classic and stylish
  12. Welcome!!!
    I totally agree with JH.....go with the Decollete or VP
  13. The decollete is available in the jazz leather which is less shiny than patent. The US NAP website has them available ( ) but the boutiques may carry them too.
  14. I go for VP's or Declic. Gorgeous classics!

    Welcome to the forum and your soon to be addiction!!
  15. Don't overlook the Simple-- it's classy and classic and reasonably comfy!