Plz help with value of CC necklace...

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  1. Ok, so I have been stalking this necklace on EBay but can not bring myself to pay $799 for it. I know it is from 09C and could NOT have cost anywhere near what this seller is trying to get...$799???:confused1: Or was it really pretty expensive??? Please help if you have any intel on this! I'm getting weak.... :sweatdrop:

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  2. That's super cute! I would guess it around $500 but not $800
  3. Yes, it's gorgeous, but I have one similar to this style from the Angle collection but it was only $355! I know this necklace is marked up, I just wanna know if it's triple the retail value (which I will not be able to justify purchasing in my own mind)...

    the pic is of the matching earring to my necklace from the Angel collection just for referrence...

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  4. I have exact same one in pink, i think i paid around 580 ( before tax). that was like couple seasons ago. right now probably no longer available at stores.

  5. I have that same necklace from the angel collection- and you are right $800 is a little steep.

  6. yeah it might be marked up a bit but i'm guessing its because its sold out in stores it depends on how much you're willing to pay.
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    Thanks ladies for ur input. I'm sure it is not available in stores anymore and I am fine with paying a REASONABLE mark up from this seller. HOWEVER, I see it all the time... sellers are doubling and tripling the retail value of Chanel items on EBay. Since I have never seen the item IRL and the seller blocked out the style number, I was trying to get the original price so I didn't pay an insane mark up if I do decide to buy...
  8. ^Yeah this particular seller always marks up their items outrageously! DBF bought a Chanel ring for me off them, and right after it was sold they upped the price! If you watch their items on ebay they are constantly upping prices on the same items in a matter of days..Frustrating. I guess it just depends how badly you want the item.
  9. Thanks for the advice ladies but no one has this exact necklace to say the real price ???? :crybaby:
  10. See portion in bold.
  11. How did I miss that???? LOL Thanks nighteyes and minnie...:blush: