plz help with the diamond stitch flap bag!!!!

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  1. I am going to be listing my diamond stich flap bag on ebay this weekend and I need information. Can someone please give me the dimensions ( I dont have a measuring tape) and the style number? also, what season it was/is from.

    I think there was a stock photo on here in a PDF file, but I cannot find it.

    PLEASE HELP ME :shame:
  2. Im including pics. It looks like this bag IS from the diamond stitch collection but might be the smaller version that retails for $1650.00.

    The pdf file photo shows the larger version. (last photo attached) can anyone confirm? It looks like the larger version is 1850$ and the style number differs from the style number of my bag.

    please help!

    I want to make sure my information is correct before i list on ebay.

    ds 001.jpg ds 002.jpg ds 003.jpg dspdf.JPG
  3. i *think* this is the pdf that might help looks like the diamond stitch is in the top left corner?

    eta: sorry, i just realized that the price on this is the higher so it might be the larger DS...hopefully someone else can chime in!
    diamondstitch pdf.jpg

  4. Hi Jennifer, you replied as I was editing my original post with the pic of the stock photo i found in the pdf file. the file shows the larger size right? I added pics in my original post of the style number and pics of what my bag looks like. what do you think? my bag is from the diamond stitch collection right? tia
  5. Yours is the smaller size. It is the grained calfskin flap bag from the Diamond Stitch collection. That's how you should word it for your auction. HTH!

    Beautiful bag - I hope it sells and makes you a lil profit!

  6. lv1011, sorry about that! i guess our messages crossed.
    go with what roey says and good luck on your sale! i'm just talking outta my arse! :P