Plz help with So in Damie.......

  1. Hi ladies and Gents!!!!!

    Since my latest SO....Ive been obsessing about the next one....since I decided to only do SOs in Damie from now on....I need your advise!!!

    Which one would be good? Which ones can be SOed??? I dont find the Noe to my liking and the Piano or Mezzo is out too b/c I already have the Chelsea and it seems too alike for me.......What is your favorites??????????
  2. I would ask if the could do the BH, I know others have tried, but I think it's getter toward the time they might accept it.
  3. hum, i tried to SO Med Damier koala, but SA just flat out say NO, i will so pay the extra price if they can SO it :smile:
  4. ellipse looks great in damier
  5. Thats true...but dont like the ellipse too much.....:p Any shoulder bags I can SO???
  6. Hudson maybe?
  7. Ohh yeah! The Ellipse is AMAZING in Damier...
    But definitely try to ask if you could get a BH or Batignolles regular SOed..those would be amazing too.
  8. The Deauville looks amazing in Damier.
  9. Awwwww, thats a good one.....would look really sweet....:yes: