Plz help with purchase dilemma....

  1. Hi everyone, I need help with a decision....

    On the weekend, I placed a PCE presale order for a medium Lily in camel. Now I am having major second thoughts! I don't want to drive my SA nuts and keep going back and forth, and I don't like the thoughts of ordering two bags knowing that one will be returned..that just doesn't feel right to me (although right now they don't charge your credit card anyway). I would like to make up my mind and stick to it, though. Because I will also be ordering a canary Bleecker duffle, I don't want to get both the Lily and Bridgit.

    The problem is that I went into the store and instantly fell in love with the Bridgit! I like the rose or walnut color. I NEVER thought I would like this bag at all because I'm normally a big bag kind of gal, even petite at 5'2". So that's why I thought it might be a bit small for me, even though I admit I liked the look on (in fact I loved it). I thought from this perspective the bag was fine, but DH said I would probably regret owning such a small bag.

    I do own a large lily in whiskey and don't like the sag in the middle, so that's why I thought I would try the medium lily since it does not suffer from this same issue (although I don't find it as attractive without the full turnlock flap and no coin pocket on the back). I tried it, and it still fits on my shoulder and looks very nice. I loved it! Problem is I don't care much for black or tan leather, especially black (although the hardware looks nice against the black). So that's why I chose the camel and thought it would be a great year round bag because the color is light enough for spring and summer use. I kept holding off on the medium lily before because I thought perhaps eventually they would release another color (I loved the Atlantic color for the large lily but missed out on it). I'd love a teal color of some sort. But I was told there are no plans at the moment to release any other colors in the all-leather medium lily...and I don't want to wait forever! They have also even revised the color list for the large lily, and that keeps changing... who knows!!

    Ok, so do I go with my nonpractical Bridgit bag option simply because I'm lusting over the style (and I AM lusting), or do I stick with a more practical bag and practical color, still a style I love and one that I can carry all the time (but just a color I'm not crazy about)?? I do have some time to make a final decision, but would really appreciate some opinions from everyone.

    Anyone have the Bridgit?? How much can you carry in the bag??

    TIA for your help!! :yes:
  2. Well while I do think it's fun to get what you love, if it is going to be completely unpractical then I see no point. If you will still use it then go for it, if not, get the more practical, or wait and see if they come out with something you love AND can use. :tup:
  3. I would order both - consider it a favor to the person who comes in behind you and finds their "dream purse" sitting on the shelf!

    It's their job to order merchanidse, don't feel bad about it. Can't wait until you share with us which one you choose!

  4. Thanks!! I LOVE your name... and I bet that's why you suggested getting both of them...:graucho: I'm teasing you...:smile:

    Anyway... don't they just ship the returns to the factory stores?? This is what I had heard someone say, and actually what I have a problem with and feel bad about...a perfectly good and brand new bag suddenly doesn't "qualify" as a retail bag anymore (simply because I couldn't make a decision). Or would that not occur if I never walked out of the store with it (i.e. made the decision when I picked up the item)??
  5. Get the Bridgit... now (along with your Canary Bleecker). It can be very practical to have at least one smaller bag you can use. Then... wait until med. Lily comes out in a color you LOVE. They will eventually make some other color and hopefully one you like even more than the Camel.
  6. PCE Presale??? When does PCE start??
  7. Get the bridgit if you can.. Its a nice bag/size for the evening dress up :biggrin:
  8. I agree with wander - get the Bridgit. It is a gorgeous bag and it sounds like it is the one you really want. It also sounds like you do not LOVE the medium Lily, and IMHO that is a lot of money to drop on something you are only "meh" about. From other tPFer's pics it looks like the Bridgit holds more than you might think, and it can be handly to have a smaller bag you can use. :yes:
  9. Thanks girls!! :yes:

    tikilove81, the outlet shoppers PCS starts Feb. 16, and the regular one starts March 7. If you have a fav. SA, she should let you know about it, but if not, talk to someone and you should be able to preorder for the 7th (credit card charged on the 6th). That way you reserve your items now, but don't have to pay till the regular event starts.