Plz help with identifying...

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  1. ...the white Coach wallet in this picture (I remember someone posting this picture of their Coach collection somewhere in this Coach thread...just can't recall where exactly :p). I'm totally :heart:ing the wallet & I'm wondering where I can find/buy it now?


    Thanks ladies!
  2. Oh wow! :nuts: Thanks so much, mokoni! :heart: You're awesome!! This is a silly question...but what exactly is eBay express?

    There's also a stamped X beside the Coach logo on the interior leather. What does the 'X' mean? X-tra special limited edition Coach? :biggrin: haha jk, I know that probably isn't it

  3. It was purchased at department store such as Nordstrom's, or another discount brand store like Loehmann's or TJMaxx. :smile:
  4. I think that eBay Express works more like a buy-it-now store than an auction. I think you just use your regular eBay ID.