Plz Help..Question about New Jumbo Flap

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  1. Hi everyone...

    I purchased a black lambskin m/l flap with SH today. While I was at Neimans, I tried a jumbo with GH and I really liked the size, so I am thinking about purchasing one in the future.

    My question is, when are the new jumbos going to be released with the extra flap? The SA told me not until after the holidays, however I have heard it will be in November. I am really confused. I actually like the structure of the extra flap, so I would like to know if anyone knows when it will be released and how much more the price will be.

    Thanks for your help!! :smile:
  2. Hi!!

    Yes, the jumbo and maxi flaps will soon have a double flap. They will start putting them the flaps for 11C, so no one really knows when the exact price will change, it is just when the new bags hit stores. Which could be as early late October or as late as Dec/Jan. Just depends when the stores get the shipments.
    Right now the jumbo is $3500, when the double flap comes it will be $3700.
    But if you don't live in NY State, you can always order your jumbo from Penney at Hirshleifer’s, so then you wont have to pay tax on the new jumbo (3700) when it comes out, and it works to be about the same old jumbo price + tax (3500 +tax)

  3. NYCavalier:

    Thanks for the information. I was a bit confused about the timeline, but I guess that's because no one really knows exactly when it will be.
  4. At a saks chanel luncheon, they said November!
  5. I talked to my SA yesterday, she said the next shipment of classic jumbos will have the double flap and is most likely arriving at the beginning of november.
  6. Like these ladies said. November will be a great month